Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision

The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum is dedicated to the education of Christian leaders and evangelisers from both the clergy and the laity, who will give witness to the mystery of Christ in the service of the Church. It seeks to imbue society with the spirit of the Gospel by creating and promoting Christian lines of thought in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church that will enable humankind to address its deepest theoretical and existential challenges.

Being a Roman Pontifical Athenaeum, we are an international academic community in full communion with the Holy Father and the Church’s teachings, seeking to foster catholic thought and culture in order to imbue our current society with the spirit of the Gospel.

We wish to place highly prepared and dedicated teachers, spiritual directors, seminary formators, priests, religious, and lay people in the service of the Church.

Our set of principles and values

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Our history

Canonically established on 15 September 1993 by the Congregation for Catholic Education and managed by the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, the Athenaeum began its existence with the Faculties of Theology and Philosophy. On 11 July 1998, Pope John Paul II conferred the title “pontifical” on the Athenaeum and, on 3 September 2004, the Athenaeum acquired its final canonical status.

On 23 April 1999, the Congregation for Catholic Education established the Institute for Higher Studies on Religious Sciences (Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose ISSR), connected with the Athenaeum’s Faculty of Theology. The Institute organises Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s Degree) and Licentiate (Master’s Degree) Courses in Religious Sciences.

In October 2000, the Athenaeum moved to its current campus on 190, Via degli Aldobrandeschi, Rome. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, then Secretary of State, blessed the campus on 31 December 2000, as part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Legion of Christ, which also coincided with the end of the Holy Jubilee.

On 21 May 2001, the Congregation for Catholic Education approved and established the Faculty of Bioethics. This Faculty organises Baccalaureate, Licentiate, and Doctorate Degree Courses.

Since 13 November 2002, the Major Seminary of Trujillo (Peru) has been affiliated with the Athenaeum’s Faculty of Theology under a decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

The Athenaeum also comprises the following Institutes: Institute for Higher Studies on Women (Istituto Studi Superiori sulla Donna – ISSD), Fidelis Institute of Social and Business Ethics (Istituto di Etica Economica e Sociale Fidelis), Institute of Bioethics and Human Rights (Istituto di Bioetica e Diritti Umani), and Faith and Science Institute (Istituto Scienza e Fede – ISF). In addition to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses, the Athenaeum provides specialist and e-learning courses.

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