Department of Institutional Development

Department of Institutional Development

This Department, chaired by the Vice Rector of Administration, Fr. Thomas Montanaro, LC, consists of four offices: Institutional Communications, Promotion, Fundraising, and Alumni.

The Institutional Communication Office has the following tasks: managing internal and external communications about APRA’s activities, by preparing and distributing press releases; managing APRA’s website and social media; planning, designing, and producing informational material; drafting and distributing an internal press review on a daily basis; and, through the above activities, keeping APRA’s mission alive and disseminating it.

The Promotion Office, established in 2014, is in charge of developing and managing institutional relations to promote APRA’s activities.

The Office, headed by Mauro Bombardieri, relies on a team of three: Carlo Fattori, Giuseppe La Malfa, and Melissa Maioni.

The team works in an efficient and competent way and is strongly service-oriented, in line with APRA’s mission and vision. Its objective is to leverage the high quality of APRA’s courses, cooperating with Faculty Deans and Institute Directors.

Fundraising Office

Alumni Office

This Office has the purpose of creating a worldwide network of former students to disseminate the value of a common catholic culture and experience, as well as to strengthen relations between or among alumni. The Office plans, organises, and manages activities for alumni, e.g. organisation of events, conferences, specific courses, and special arrangements with various parties.

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