Joint Diploma: Leadership, Service Through Virtues

Joint Diploma: Leadership, Service Through Virtues

From 3 October 2022 to 7 July 2023

The diploma program is especially aimed at all those interested in leadership understood as service for the good of society.

In the context of a globalized and multicultural world, which increasingly requires more visibility and exemplary behavior, it is essential for any leader to have a solid formation and a life rooted in the daily exercise of character virtues.

The good in a leader is by nature expansive and inherently communicative, so a good life rightly ordered becomes a type of beacon that guides and encourages others, by word and example, towards a virtuous life. If the virtuous life of a leader is also accompanied by a deep spiritual and human formation, the ability to serve the community and become a point of reference for others will be even greater.

In addition to the goal of cultivating Virtuous Leadership, the program would also incorporate the development of soft skills, necessary for every good leader, such as the ability to effectively manage teams, resolve conflicts and manage crises, the ability to empathize, to actively listen, the ability to speak in public and persuade with the truth, etc.



It is an initiative created in order to develop a leadership program for students of Roman Universities (and beyond) based on virtues and oriented towards service.


The proposed Diploma Program will rest on three main pillars:

  • An anthropological and theological foundation based on the magisterium of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in continuity with that of Pope Francis.
  • A practical methodology that will allow students to put into practice what they learn as the course progresses.
  • The development of character virtues necessary for every current and future leader. The methodology we expect to follow includes close and personal mentorship, which will enable students to internalize those virtues in their personal lives.


The Diploma Program, of 14 ECTS, will be taught online and will be compatible with other studies at the participating institutions. As such, it is a part-time program. It is planned to last one academic year. The recipients of this diploma will be people who occupy or will occupy positions of responsibility and who wish to learn leadership from the perspective of character virtues with an orientation to service.

Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, wish to offer a rigorous university-level Diploma Program called Leadership: Service through Virtues (LSTV) based on a virtuous leadership curriculum for, primarily but not exclusively, future leaders within the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.

Universidades organizadoras:

With the encouragement of the Congregation for Catholic Education, LSTV will be offered in partnership with the Conference of Rectors of Roman Pontifical Universities and Institutions:

Pontifical Lateran University,

Pontifical University Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum),

Salesian Pontifical University,

Pontifical University of San Anselmo

Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, or ECTS, is a standard means for comparing academic credits for higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. One academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits that are normally equivalent to 1500-1800 hours of total workload. ECTS credits are used to facilitate transfer and progression throughout the European Union.


  • TARGET STUDENTS: students from Roman and pontifical universities as well as any person that aspires to have leadership responsibility, interested in formation on virtues through the teaching of  the Christian tradition.
  • MAIN OBJECTIVE: formation for future leaders of the Catholic Church who make a service to the community by serving through virtues, looking for the well being and common good and the flourishing of each person from the community they serve.
  • FUNDAMENTAL BASIS: the anthropological tradition and Christian ethics, specially the three most recent Pope’s doctrine.
    • Theorical-practical, experiencial, transdisciplinary.
    • Personalized accompaniment through mentoring.
  • FORMAT: online, with some face-to-face sessions for students at Rome.
  • ADMISSION: Tree-year diploma or be enrolled in a pontifical university or be enrolled in a Pontifical Univesrity.
  • PRICE:  500 EUR (80% Scholarship for students of Pontifical Universities who adhere to the joint diploma).


For more information:

Giuseppe La Malfa
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +39 06 91689867
Cel.: +39 346 2856633
Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 190 – 00163 Roma



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