War and Peace: Conflict and Culture in the Modern World

War and Peace: Conflict and Culture in the Modern World

From 27 February 2023 to 1 March 2023

This year we will again host the 4th Symposium in collaboration with the Acton Institute entitled “War and Peace: Conflict and Culture in the Modern World.” Students, professors, Ph.D. students, graduate students and anyone with an interest in the topic will be able to participate. The focus will be on war, but especially on how to seek peaceful and prosperous solutions to rebuild an authentic Christian culture.

The Symposium will be in English (with simultaneous translation into Spanish) and will range from the current war in Ukraine, to the ongoing critical battles in culture and spirituality, crossing the topic of the mass media, global economy, geopolitics, and politico-religious history beginning with a theological-philosophical overview and ending with a lecture on effective tactics that answers the question, “how to do it?”

Planned discussion section after each lecture and a networking session. Registration is required to attend.

We invite you to participate on Campus, until full capacity!

RSVP [email protected]

For other needs it is possible to participate on line. Prior registration required!

Some speeches will not be available for streaming


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