The third-cycle or Doctorate Course in Bioethics requires students to conduct thorough research on a given bioethical theme and to prepare a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of one of the teachers of the Faculty (or another teacher approved by the Dean of the Faculty). With their dissertations, students will have to provide a personal and original contribution to bioethics.



Learning Objectives

The third-cycle degree is awarded to students who:

  • have acquired a deep understanding of bioethics and its research method;
  • are able to use the acquired knowledge to plan and develop original projects of research on bioethical issues which can contribute to the scientific progress of the discipline, in line with the teachings of the Church;
  • have acquired the qualifications needed for teaching bioethics in second-cycle academic studies.

Please refer to the provisions on the third cycle available in the By-Laws and Regulations section of our website.

Calendar of lectures on methodology seminar for PhD students (ITA)



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