Licenza- Curriculum

Licenza- Curriculum

Every student must obtain 120 credits, divided as follows:

–         Common courses:                    60        ECTS

–         Optional courses:                     10        ECTS

–         License thesis:                           15        ECTS

–         Exam on works:                        10        ECTS

–         Written final exam:                  10        ECTS

–         Oral final exam:                        10       ECTS

–         Oral defense of license thesis   5          ECTS

Common courses (60 ECTS)


BIOP2050 Philosophical anthropology (3 ECTS)
BIOP2051 General ethics (2 ECTS)
BIOP2052 Epistemology (1 ECTS)
BIOP2053 Fundamental moral theology (2ECTS)



BIOP2062 Anatomy and human physiognomy (2 ECTS)
BIOP2068 General and cellular biology (1 ECTS)
BIOP2063 Fertilization, gestation, and development (1 ECTS)
BIOP2054 Genetics (2 ECTS)
BIOP2055 The doctor and the medical profession (1 ECTS)
BIOP2064 History and philosophy of medicine (2 ECTS)


BIOP2056 Introduction to theology (2 ECTS)
BIOP2065 Logic (1 ECTS)
BIOP2058 Metaphysics (2 ECTS)
BIOP2057 History of Philosophy (1 ECTS)


BIOP2059 Constitutional law and political organization (2 ECTS)
BIOP2060 Public international law (2 ECTS)
BIOP2061 Penal law (1 ECTS)
BIOP2066 Private law (1 ECTS)
BIOP2067 Introduction to law and the philosophy of law (2 ECTS)



BIOP2027 Bioethics of psychology and psychiatry (1 ECTS)
BIOP2026 Bioethics and risky behavior (1 ECTS)
BIOP2017 Bioethics and the medical act (2 ECTS)
BIOP2018 Bioethics and medical interventions upon humans (2 ECTS)
BIOP2023 Bioethics and respect for nascent life (2 ECTS)
BIOP2019 Bioethics and sexuality (2 ECTS)
BIOP2022 Bioethics and ecology (2 ECTS)
BIOP2020 General bioethics (2 ECTS)
BIOP2021 Bioethics, end of life issues and euthanasia (2 ECTS)
BIOP2024 Bioethics, state and society (1 ECTS)
BIOP2025 Bioethics, technology and procreation (2 ECTS)


BIOP2016 Communication in bioethics (1 ECTS)
BIOP2015 Research methodology (1 ECTS)
BIOT2001 Fieldwork (2 ECTS)
BIOS2001 Bioethics cases I (3 ECTS)
BIOS2002 Bioethics cases II (3 ECTS)

Optional courses: (10 ECTS):

BIOO2121 Advanced constitutional law: human body, bioethics and new technology (1 ECTS)
BIOO2122 Bioethics and Films (1 ECTS)
BIOO2123 From life to life (1 ECTS)
BIOO2128 Bioethics and feminism (1 ECTS)
BIOO2124 Phenomenalolical psychiatry and logotherapy. Contributions to bioethics (1 ECTS)
BIOO2125 Bioethical themes in the Italian literature of the 19th century (1 ECTS)
BIOO2126 Sexual disturbances (1 ECTS)
BIOO2127 Epigenetics and bioethics (1 ECTS)

Bioethics summer course:

BIOO2017 Bioethics and Consciousness: Interdisciplinary and interreligious reflections on an essential dimension of the human person, July 6-10, 2020 (3 ECTS)

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