The academic activity of the Faculty of Philosophy prepares students to have a sound and coherent vision of the world, of humankind, and of God, in the light of the philosophia perennis heritage, and to establish a dialogue with modern lines of thought (cf. Optatam Totius 16). The course seeks to demonstrate the consistency between the needs of philosophical reasoning and the Christian vision, to offer rational tools for theological speculation, and to educate students to interact with today’s pluralist world.

The Faculty has the following mission: offering a sound and structured philosophical education, preparing students to undertake a rigorous and in-depth study of theology, and to respond to the demand for a new evangelisation, and to the challenges posed by the contemporary cultural world.

Students are helped to: learn and improve their understanding of the philosophy of being in its various dimensions; master a perennially valid philosophical heritage; gain insight into the lines of contemporary thought that are most influential on society; acquire adequate critical thinking and ethical discernment skills; learn an effective methodology for study, research, and teaching.

The teaching of core disciplines will give a comprehensive picture of the relevant topics. Systematic courses will place particular but not exclusive emphasis on the method and doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Contact data of the Faculty Registrar:

Renato Zeuli

Tel. no. +39-06-91689913

e-mail address: [email protected]



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