The second cycle, the Licentiate, lasts two years and corresponds to 120 ECTS credits. To enrol in the Licentiate Course in Theology, you must have completed a Baccalaureate Course in Philosophy at an ecclesiastical university. If you completed a five-year philosophical-theological course or a two-year philosophical course in a non-academic institution, you may enrol in the Licentiate Course after taking an entrance test. You may also enrol in the course if you gained an academic degree at a non-ecclesiastical university and, in the opinion of the Dean of the Faculty, you have completed the required philosophical courses.


Learning objectives

The main objectives of the course are as follows: learning how to develop an in-depth synthesis of the main metaphysical, epistemological, anthropological, and ethical topics studied; selecting and undertaking the study of one of the following specialities: metaphysics and natural theology, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of knowledge and science, and ethics; practising critical thinking skills by reading major philosophical publications relevant to the selected speciality; rethinking the perennial philosophical tradition and interpreting it in the light of new issues; developing communicative and creative skills at specialist level to solve problems in various fields; training in scientific research and philosophical production by preparing the degree thesis.


The course is intended for priests, religious, and lay people involved in education, teaching, research, and dissemination, as well as in the dialogue with the world of culture and the media.


October 2, 2023-June 23, 2024


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