Spiritual Theology

Spiritual Theology

The Licentiate Course in Spiritual Theology is designed to enable students to acquire a broad, qualified, deep, and systematic knowledge of spiritual theology in its biblical, historical, theological, and pastoral aspects. Like dogmatic theology, spiritual theology gives preference to the method of reading and learning the teachings of the Great Masters and of the great schools of Christian spirituality. Thus, by standing “on the shoulders of Giants”, students learn not only their teachings, but also learn how to look beyond their horizons. Moreover, the course emphasises the biblical foundations of spiritual theology and encourages a theological reflection on a spiritual life centred on the mystery of Christ and of the Church.

Learning objectives

The second cycle is designed to enable students to reach a personal theological synthesis in their speciality, to acquire adequate knowledge of their focus areas, to learn the scientific method of research, and to prepare for teaching. Courses, seminars, workshops, customised tutoring, and other activities of the Faculty help students obtain this synthesis. The Licentiate thesis, which requires a thorough personal study, must be centred on one of the topics of the selected focus area.


The course is intended for priests, religious, seminarians, and lay people.


List of thesis topics

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