Faith and Science Institute

This Institute, managed by Fr. Rafael Pascual, LC, was canonically founded on 13 April 2010. Its activities are focused on the study of, research on, and teaching of subjects concerning the relationship between science and faith, so as to respond to the new and urgent ethical and anthropological questions that are posed by the relentless progress of science and technology. Through its teaching and research activities, the Institute provides a forum for dialogue and a common quest for truth.

The Institute is inspired by the guidelines that John Paul II expressed in his encyclical Fides et Ratio: complementarity of and mutual help between faith and reason in the common quest for truth; the particular role of philosophy in understanding the fundamental truths about human life (see 5.); specificity and autonomy of, and respect for the different fields of knowledge; confidence in the powers of reason to attain truth.


The objectives of the Institute are: teaching; research; publication of books, journals, articles, news, etc.; promotion and dissemination of its activities, e.g. exhibitions, conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, book presentations; and cooperation with similar institutions and initiatives. To achieve these objectives, the Institute organises and carries out the following activities: study of, research on, and teaching of subjects concerning the relationship between science and faith; delivery of courses to highly specialised professionals wishing to acquire and improve their theoretical-cultural knowledge of the relationship between science and faith; research and setting up of working groups consisting of subject-matter experts; publication of periodicals, books, or book collections on the results of its research or on topics of interest to the Institute, and educational material; organisation of meetings, conferences, and forums of debate on specific topics; and other initiatives to promote and disseminate its activities. The Institute’s current study and research projects are as follows:

  1. Symbiosis research group, coordinated by Pietro Ramellini;
  2. GeoAstroLab, coordinated by Gianluca Casagrande, in cooperation with the Geographic Research and Application Laboratory (GREAL) of the European University of Rome (UniversitĂ  Europea di Roma) (link stazione meteo).
  3. Science and Religion in Media (SRM), managed by Paolo Centofanti (
  4. Neurobioethics, coordinated by Alberto Carrara, Rafael Pascual, and Alberto GarcĂ­a, in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights (
  5. Othonia – research group on the Shroud of Turin, coordinated by Fr. Rafael Pascual, LC.

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