Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud

Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud

Who is the man of the Shroud?


Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum

The exhibition is open to the public (free entrance).

What is this mysterious object that many people regard as a relic of Jesus Christ? What does contemporary science say about it? Why does it touch our hearts so deeply?

The Shroud is a linen sheet with the image of a human body tortured and crucified. The distinctive feature of the man’s imprint on the Shroud is that it appears as a photographic negative.

The Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum offers a comprehensive overview of the subject:

  • real-size reproduction of the Shroud;
  • historical-educational itinerary from antiquity to present day;
  • presentation of the scientific debate over its genuineness, characteristics, etc., in the light of research conducted in the past few years;
  • bronze statue of the Shroud’s man by the sculptor Luigi E. Mattei;
  • holograms of the Shroud’s image produced by Dr. Petrus Soons;
  • study of the Passion of Christ and of its relationship with the Shroud;
  • reconstruction of some objects of the Passion of Christ: nails, crown of thorns, whips;
  • mock-up of the Holy Sepulchre at the time of Christ;
  • multimedia presentations on the Shroud.

The exhibition offers an important opportunity for pursuing the dialogue between Science and Faith. It is intended for all those who have a spiritual interest in the Shroud and who wish to learn more about its value, genuineness, meaning, and message.

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