Call for Ideas “What4digital”

Call for Ideas “What4digital”

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Do women need digital skills or is it the digital that needs women’s skills? 



The Institute for Higher Studies on Women of Rome launches the call for ideas “What4digital” to develop a new inclusive and sustainable culture of digitization. The call was born as part of the project “Women Enhancing Work Change 2021with the aim of deepening the debate about digital transformation and stimulating a broader awareness of the role that this change can play in reducing the gender gap and   increasing female empowerment in post pandemic recovery. Digitalization presents itself as a particularly important challenge and opportunity for women, as it will undoubtedly help to improve their living and working conditions in many ways; additionally, women will have the opportunity to bring their own vision, specific skills and a style of leadership in a field whose benefits can be enriching for all.


The digital sector appears to be one of the areas with the greatest gender imbalance both because there are still few women working in the digital field and due to the low presence of female students on the right course of study.

In addition, a true feminine look at digital transformation is precious and a priority so as not to reproduce gender stereotypes and to make innovations truly inclusive.

Therefore, it is necessary to disseminate the culture of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and eliminate cultural stereotypes that take girls away from the research trajectories in technical-scientific subjects, as well as facilitate the entry and professional growth of women in the field of digital transformation.

The call, governed by this announcement, is based on two possible alternative issues:

  • Digital and sustainability: collect ideas and initiatives of digital services/products/projects capable of meeting emerging social needs also based on the transformations imposed by the pandemic. The answer to this option will need to indicate a project on what to draw or develop to achieve this goal.
  • A new digital culture: develop an open and inclusive new culture indicating what STEAM skills, routes, forms of awareness, what initiatives can facilitate the reduction of the digital gender gap. Therefore, the response to this option should indicate a project on how to achieve this goal.

You can choose which topic to answer or integrate the two goals into a single proposal.


The Call is aimed at women and men from 18 to 30 years of age from Italy, Spain, Chile and Mexico.   Proponents can be individuals or a group with a maximum of three people (18-30 years).


The evaluation of the projects by the Selection Board for the identification of the winning project will focus on the analysis of the following criteria:

  • Innovation of the idea (weight 30%): it is in one or more elements of the project, giving priority to aspects such as the ability to contribute in a new way to individual and collective well-being and identify different forms of participation. The innovative potential will also be defined in relation to the characteristics of the different reference contexts.
  • Sustainability of the idea (weight 30%): understood in terms of impacts on society, the environment, and the regional and national ecosystem.
  • Viability of the idea (weight 20%) in terms of the time, costs and benefits expected.
  • Scalability (weight 20%): growth potential and replicability in both a geographical and technical context.

The evaluation of the applications received will be carried out by a selection board specially appointed by the Institute for Higher Studies on Women and composed of experts. The board’s judgment is unquestionable. The title of the winning work will be published on the website by July 15.


The best idea will be published as part of the final volume of the “Women Enhancing Work Change 2021”   research project; in addition, the winner will be invited to participate in the final event of the project to be held in October in presence if the pandemic situation allows it or “remotely”.

The second and third selected ideas will receive a special mention and a summary of the project will be published on the


Projects can be submitted from 31 May 2021 at 15:00 GMT+2 (9:00 GMT-4; 8:00 GMT-5) to June 30 2021 at 15:00 GMT+2 (9:00 GMT-4; 8:00 GMT-5), sending  an email to [email protected],  reporting  in the subject line “Call for Ideas What4digital”.

A pdf document of at least 3 pages maximum 5 pages with a layout between 30 and 40 lines, written in 11 or 12 Times New Roman fonts, is required. Content exceeding 5 pages will not be considered.

The work can be written in Italian, Spanish or English.

The proposal should contain:

  • Candidate’s name, contact details, date and place of birth, citizenship/residence.
  • The name of the project and any hashtags.
  • Summary of the idea, highlighting the centrality of women in digital transformation.
  • The description of the content.
  • Motivation for the innovation of the idea.
  • Indicate on what scale the idea will initially work and how it could be implemented on a larger scale in the future, for example in another region or country.
  • Specify how the idea is sustainable and what benefits and impact it produces.

In submitting the project, the participant declares and guarantees to be the exclusive and legitimate owner of all copyright, industrial and exploitation rights (including economic ones) of each element and technical solution proposed in the project in which the parties requested to remove from any future publication must be identified.

And in any case, the participant undertakes to indemnify the Athenaeum and ISSD from any claims made by third parties in the event of the project submitted by them.

Participation does not imply the transfer of any copyright or intellectual rights to Athenaeum or ISSD.


The provision of personal and contact data is necessary for the participation in the Call. In case of non-provision or provision of incomplete or incorrect data, the Athenaeum is liable.

Non-particular personal data whose attribution is requested will be processed exclusively for the purposes related to the management of the Call and related initiatives, always in compliance with the legal provisions, as indicated in the information attached to this call.

If the participant in the request for participation collects more information or data than necessary, the Athenaeum undertakes to destroy it immediately, giving notice to the participant himself, without prejudice to the total absence of liability by the Athenaeum.

Anex 1


Participation in the Call implies, on the part of the participant, the unconditional acceptance of this call.

  • Deadline for applications: June 30, 2021
  • Evaluation by the Selection Board: before July 15, 2021
  • Final Event of the project “Enhancing Work Change 2021”: End of October 2021
  • Publication: October 2021


For more information write to [email protected]

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