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ISSR has the mission of preparing consecrated and lay people to study and improve their knowledge of religious sciences at academic level. The Institute was canonically founded by the Congregation for Catholic Education in 1999.  Subsequently, the Congregation approved its By-Laws. The Italian Episcopal Conference recognises the qualifications gained at ISSR for teaching catholic religion in schools.

Courses at ISSR place emphasis on pastoral and cultural sensitivity, enabling students to effectively serve the Church and Italian society. To meet the needs of students who have to reconcile academic studies with work or family life, courses are held only from Thursday to Saturday.

Our courses

Under a new agreement signed between the Italian Episcopal Conference and the Italian Ministry of Education and Research, teachers of catholic religion in schools (including primary ones) are required to have a Master’s Degree.

ISSR, which is connected with the Faculty of Theology, awards a Baccalaureate in Religious Sciences and three types of Licentiate or Master’s Degree in the following three branches of study:

  • Pedagogy and Teaching for teaching catholic religion; this course not only provides students with theoretical knowledge, but also accompanies them in their first steps in teaching;
  • Faith Formators;
  • Pastoral Care in Education.

Other programmes

In addition to degree courses in religious sciences, ISSR offers:

  • a Diploma Course in Psycho-Pedagogy and formation for consecrated life;
  • a Specialist Course in Spiritual Theology for spiritual directors;
  • a Specialist Course in Psychology for teachers;
  • a Specialist Course for teaching catholic religion.

ISSR is also engaged in continuing education of consecrated women, by holding annual, semestral, and summer courses.

Contact data of the Institute Registrar’s Office:

Daniela De Carolis

Tel. no.: +39-06-91689901

e-mail: [email protected]

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