Graduate and undergraduate scholarships

Graduate and undergraduate scholarships

The other graduate and undergraduate scholarships are based on our actual costs and are a considerable support for those talented students facing economic difficulties. Thanks to scholarships, world-class international education becomes accessible to all students eager for contributing significantly to New Evangelization.
Scholarships, therefore, represent the most effective way to offer to the world Christian leaders of tomorrow capable of making a difference through dialogue and true knowledge. Supporting students through scholarships is one of the most predominant way to impact society, one person at a time.






This summer course pursues to form, network, and empower talented scholars and students to evangelize culture through historical, religious, philosophical, and ethical perspectives on society. The students learn to appreciate the roots of Western culture: by analyzing contemporary society, they learn to understand the religious, ethical and philosophical context of culture and by projecting the responses to future challenges, they apply such knowledge to today’s world.

The course provides an interactive methodology, combining lectures, workshops and outings in the Eternal City. This enables students to be the protagonists of their own formation.

Total cost: € 24,000 to support 15 scholarships (€ 1,600 each)







The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented economic crisis, putting the already problematic job market at risk. Over half a million jobs have been lost in one year, penalizing particularly the female employment.

There is a great request today for institutions supporting women’s return to the world of work after the pandemic crisis. The tailored program is targeted to offer the fundamental tools so women can be able to reinvent themselves professionally, re-enter the job market or create their own businesses.

Working is an important human experience and a fundamental right. The purpose of this initiative is to make women’s work a real factor
of social development. The aim of the course is therefore to facilitate and guide women in the search for work through a well-defined methodology so that women’s talents and skills can be fully valued and spent in any professional and working context.

Through this course, the Institute of Higher Studies on Women wants to give concrete support to women by offering guidance, tools, and a networking environment for their professional flourish.

The program has a duration of total 100 hours in the Italian language. In addition to the classes (80 hours) the program will also have a practical and operational focus, by offering individual counseling sessions, practical exercise workshops, meetings with recruiting companies and with testimonials such as professional and entrepreneurs.

The expected results of the program are a reduction of the female unemployment rate and improvement of women’s performance and self-esteem. The scholarships are designed for women who want to reinvent themselves professionally, after they lost their jobs and want to re-enter the job market, make their talents flourish, look for new
opportunities and start new businesses.

The criteria for selecting scholarship applicants are as follows:
• women of all nationalities aged 30-50 years old
• women who have lost their jobs in 2020-2022
• with high educational qualifications
• with strong personal motivation to take part in the program.

Total cost: € 31,500 to support 50 scholarships (€ 630 each)




This Postgraduate Diploma, organized by the Institute of Higher Studies on Women with the collaboration of five Pontifical Universities, aims to find and deepen the fundamental concepts that should guide the presence and role of women within the Church. The Postgraduate Certificate considers the necessary diversity of cultures and geographical areas. It will take place once a year as a two-week intensive course.

The criteria for granting scholarships are:
• admission to the course
• working experience within the Church structures at a local or universal level

Total cost: € 40,000 to support 40 scholarships (€ 1,000 each)







For disadvantaged students, the bachelor and master degrees in religious studies are a lifeline to new opportunities, but in spite of our low tuition, for some of them our program is a luxury they cannot afford and also an opportunity they cannot afford to miss!
Our Hopes and Dreams Scholarship Fund, aims at providing access to higher education to sixty students on a yearly basis. A small contribution can make an enormous difference!

Many young women generously follow God’s calls to service and enter into religious life with just a high school education. Their religious communities struggle to provide them with access to higher education, which has become so commonplace in the Western world. We believe that every religious sister should have access to higher education, so as to be a more effective pastoral agent in today’s world.

The scholarship program will provide needy students with a meaningful mission in the Church and society. For example, as with sisters trained in the philosophical and theological disciplines: they will be better equipped to answer the existential questions as posed by the highly educated men and women who make up the society of today.

Total cost: € 144,000 for 30 scholarships:
• 30 bachelor scholarships amounting to € 79,800 (€ 2,660 each)
• 30 master scholarships amounting to € 64,200 (€ 2,140 each)




A priest’s life can be very demanding, both celebrating the Sacraments and administrating a parish. However, each priest must strive to keep his experience of Christ’s love in his life renewed since this is the source of his vocation. A great way to renew his experience of Christ and his priesthood is by walking in Christ’s footsteps during the Holy Land Priestly Renewal course. The Sacerdos Institute traditionally offers two renewal courses each year, both in January as well as July, so to facilitate participation for priests with demanding calendars.
Joining other donors who have established the Perpetual Help Scholarship Fund will help offer full scholarships that cover registration, room, board and course materials, for up to 60 priests yearly.
Offering priests this opportunity, especially to those coming from dioceses in need, is a concrete means of sustaining the effort of the New Evangelization and of bestowing a renewed vitality to parishes, schools, religious communities, apostolates, and mission territories where these priests serve. It is also a perfect gift to those priests who serve you, and a gift that is sure to keep giving back. The scholarships are available for priests celebrating at least 5 years of priesthood as well as priests celebrating significant anniversaries of their priestly ordination.

Total cost: € 192,000 for 60 full Scholarships per year (€ 3,200 each)





All priests are prepared to serve God’s people. However, few priests are trained to be a seminary formator. As a response to the need of those that work in seminaries to update and inform themselves on seminary pedagogy, Sacerdos Institute organizes a month-long course that deals with the most important themes of seminarian formation, from seminary psychology and human development to spirituality and apostolic formation with special attention to the challenges that today’s culture presents.

Sacerdos Institute every year welcomes Seminary Formators, coming from all over the world, offering them a first-class course for strengthening their integral education. Each class is given by professors coming from different countries and, to ease the teaching and learning process, Sacerdos Institute offers the course with simultaneous translation.

The course is meant to help diocesan bishops in the preparation and ongoing formation of those who are dedicated to the formation of future priests. It provides priests from various countries the opportunity to apply the faith to current events as well as offer a forum for exchanging ideas. Such an experience is so important that we are committed in offering it for extremely low fees. Nevertheless, many parishes and dioceses with economic difficulties cannot afford it. For this reason, we ask donors to join our efforts and support our course, so as to establish full scholarships, covering registration, room and board, and course materials, for up to 30 priests.

With this course, we have a direct impact on human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral formation; nowadays we have helped, through this course, more than 30.000 seminarians from all over the world, as concrete support to future Christian leaders spiritual, and cultural education.

The scholarships are intended for formators (vice-rectors, rectors, spiritual directors, professors, etc.).

Total cost: € 84,000 for 30 scholarships (€ 2,800 each)




In collaboration with the Group for Social and Religious Research and Information of Bologna, we are committed to offering an understanding of the theoretical and practical matters concerning exorcism and demonic possession. To professionals and operators of the ministry of the exorcism and the prayer of liberation, we propose academic research, covering a wide range of disciplines: anthropological, social, theological, liturgical, canonical, pastoral, spiritual, medical, neuroscientific, cultural and juridical. Given the ever-growing globalization of cultures, we want to enhance the internationality of our offer: professionals and operators, indeed, need to exchange practices and experiences, in order to recognize more easily phenomena from different cultures.

As one of our priorities is the internationalization of our course, we desire to facilitate the participation of attendants from areas —where phenomena are becoming more frequent—and, at the same time, to increase the number of keynote speakers from outside of Europe.

Total cost: € 31,500 for 30 scholarships (€ 1,050 each)





The Science and Faith Institute, in collaboration with Othonia, the International Center of Sindonology of Turin and the Giulio Ricci Diocesan Center of Sindonology, offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Shroud Studies which intends to offer a systematic approach to the challenges that this exceptional cloth presents to science and the human intelligence. The Holy Shroud of Turin, indeed, is one of the greatest mysteries of all time, and one of the most fascinating fields of study.

Whether contemplated with the eyes of a pilgrim or analyzed by scientific eyes, the Holy Shroud asks questions that our postgraduate certificate wants to better understand and answer. Thank you for considering supporting students who will be committed to contributing to the New Evangelization.

Total cost: € 25,000 to support 25 scholarships (€ 1,000 each)







This two-year Postgraduate Diploma focuses on the apparent conflict between science and the Christian religion, demonstrating that modern science and faith are complementary, and they are mutually strengthened in their common search for truth. Philosophy is essential to understand the fundamental truth of human existence both for science and for faith.

This interdisciplinary formation is tailored both for professors and scientific professionals, as well as for religious and lay students who search for a deeper understanding of contemporary questions bridging the gap between science and faith, with the promise to significantly impact their profession.

Total cost: € 34,000 to support 10 scholarships (€ 3,400 each)







As committed to the comprehensive training of future Christian leaders, we want to offer the most gifted and promising students the opportunity of attending the Catholic Worldview Fellowship traditionally held in both Germany and Rome. It will allow our best students to establish relationships with other academics from international institutions and to develop a sound synthesis between faith and reason, between theory and life. The scholarships will be reserved for the most deserving students, who want to permeate contemporary society with the Catholic worldview and, through these scholarships, our Athenaeum will continue its commitment to the integral formation of future Christian leaders and empowering talented students to evangelize the culture. It is our hope that these students will become “servants of communion and of the culture of encounter” (Pope Francis, July 27, 2013). The participation of the students of the School of Philosophy in these courses represents an opportunity of great value for the individual formation path, but also for the strengthening of the institutional potential of networking with young Christian leaders. We pursue to create an interdisciplinary, Catholic mainstream of thought in the context of emerging global culture by forming the leaders of the future.

Total cost: € 105,000 to support 15 scholarships (€ 7,000 each)




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