The Marco Arosio Chair in Advanced Medieval Studies

The Marco Arosio Chair in Advanced Medieval Studies

In 2010, the Athenaeum established the Marco Arosio Chair in Advanced Medieval Studies, in honour of the late Professor Marco Arosio, for the advancement of medieval studies in philosophy and theology.

The aims of the school are as follows:

  • continuing and extending the work carried out by Marco Arosio in the area of medieval studies;
  • disseminating published and unpublished works by Marco Arosio;
  • fostering research on philosophical and theological issues related to the Middle Ages (5th-15th centuries), publishing the relevant books and articles;
  • maintaining the Marco Arosio Collection of Books and Documents; this collection, which is constantly enriched with the publications produced by the Marco Arosio Chair, is made available to scholars and researchers wishing to provide their contribution, in terms of research and original works, to the topics covered by the Chair;
  • promoting the Marco ArosioPrize, which is awarded every year to research projects and/or publications on  medieval philosophy and theology; the most deserving unpublished works are published by the Chair and the winner receives a cash prize;
  • organising an annual scientific event: conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops to promote and disseminate research and studies on medieval philosophy and theology;
  • providing second-cycle students with a one-semester post-graduate course in medieval studies; the course will be held by a top lecturer or a promising researcher whose publications demonstrate his/her competence in the field.

The Chair is committed to supporting young researchers in medieval philosophy and theology, by providing them with opportunities to acquire experience and conduct fieldwork, obtain scientific recognition and visibility, and participate in events, debates, and exchanges of views.

The Chair relies on a scientific committee, an editorial board, and an executive committee for coordinating the activities associated with the Marco Arosio Prize, and other activities related to its aims.


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