Tour to France 2020 – Pedaling for Scholarships

Tour to France 2020 – Pedaling for Scholarships
The third edition of the Tour to France has ended!

This edition was full of adventures, enthusiasm, emotion, courage and spirituality experienced along the route of more than 1,400 km, by the whole APRA Team, guided by Fr. Clemens Gutberlet, LC.

The Tour 2020 left Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Square on August 22nd and arrived on August 29th at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette, France, where, with the participation of our Team, it concluded with the celebration of the Holy Mass. It has also been a particularly significant edition because, in addition to stressing the importance of magnanimity within a recovering society and going out of one’s way to help the needy in fulfilling their potential, it has also highlighted the significant cultural and international relevance of this Tour that was honored to bear the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture’s Patronage.

Again this year, many have followed and supported the Tour with prayers and charitable donations guaranteeing our students, in a difficult moment, to cover their academic costs.

You can continue to support, follow and donate directly here on this page!

Donating just € 4.59 for each cycled km, the costs of one student, € 5,500, can be covered.

Thank you all for your lively participation! A special thanks also goes to our Team who cycled during this Tour with commitment and faith, under the inclemency of the weather, representing all our students.

Continue to follow and support us. We are counting on your help too!



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