Tour to France 2019 – Pedaling for Scholarships

Tour to France 2019 – Pedaling for Scholarships
In addition to having the opportunity to study in Rome, heart of Christianity and culture, the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum offers the chance to experience a great diversity with students coming from 75 different countries.

Thanks to scholarships, world-class international education becomes accessible to all students eager to significantly contribute to the New Evangelization.

Scholarships, therefore, represent the most effective way to offer the world Christian leaders of tomorrow, capable of making a difference through dialogue and true knowledge.

The second edition of our fundraising program “Tour to France” aims at spreading awareness about the importance of scholarships and at contributing to enhance the Regina Apostolorum Scholarship Fund.

The 2019 tour starts from the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Square on July 6th and will end in Paray-le-Monial, France on July 13th. For the second year in a row, the Tour will cross Italy and France, this year also riding 150 km across the Swiss Alps, for a total of 1275 km!

You can follow and support the physical and spiritual endeavor of Fr. Clemens Gutberlet, LC and our APRA team with your prayers and charitable donations.

For donating just € 4.31 for each km cycled the costs of one student, € 5,500, can be covered. Thank you for helping support as many of our more than 1000 students as possible!

You can follow this endeavor here at this web page, as well as on our Facebook Page.



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