Fr. Thomas Montanaro, LC

Fr. Thomas Montanaro, LC

Dear patrons and friends,

I am wholeheartedly indebted to each of you who have made a sacrifice for the sustenance of our students and mission, whether in prayer, time or material support. On behalf of our Regina Apostolorum Foundations in the East and West, I assure you of sincere prayers of gratitude.

Many of you dear patrons helped fulfill some of our dreams from the last edition of our Wishbook. Among projects that were adopted I would like to highlight substantial initial support and pledges toward the Pontifical Endowment Fund; support of the Regina Apostolorum Scholarship Fund; different projects of the Institute of Higher Studies on Women as for the Women and Church International Conferences, and the International Research Group affronting themes of collaboration between women and men in the post-pandemic economy; innovative distance learning in Science and Faith, bringing online programs to both the English and Spanish speaking world; the Hopes and Dreams Scholarships for needy religious sisters; Catholic Worldview Fellowship Scholarships; and last but not least, the important Catholicism and Investment Ethics PhD Scholarship. Continual impact is still experienced from projects of our first edition of the Wishbook, as the Verbum Biblical Software for theology professors and students, Biblical commentaries, distance learning, technology, multimedia classrooms, and scholarship support. Without you patrons, these dreams would never have come true!

This new edition of the Wishbook is centered on two strategic goals intimately tied to our evangelizing mission: the Pontifical Endowment which assures responsible stewardship and investment of our talents for students and faculty of tomorrow guaranteeing our academic perpetuity and sustainability, as well as numerous Scholarship Funds which are called to support students of today. Regina Apostolorum’s dream remains stable each year: that generations of students and faculty are assured of all the means necessary to form servant leaders and evangelize culture.

Behind every project, whether those adopted in the past or those presented here today, are human persons, with a first and last name, faces and hand, minds and hearts eager to share the truth and love they experience with the whole world in our daunting task of evangelization of culture. These human persons are our students who study thanks to our patrons, our faculty who can continue their research, and so many friends who now due to technology are able to pursue online formation. These human persons are also each of you. Together, our transcendent mission can be fulfilled, as each of us invest the talents God has offered us.

Patrons, thank you for being a part of the Pontifical community, partners in our challenging mission, helping assure an eternal impact. For those of you who are meeting us for the first time, I invite you to prayerfully consider joining the community of Pontifical Patrons committed to the evangelization of culture, through both prayer and financial support, or as God leads you. May God repay you abundantly!

Please be assured of my prayers and I look forward to seeing you here in Rome,

Fr. Thomas Montanaro, LC

Founder, Board of Directors, Regina Apostolorum Foundation
Board of Directors, Regina Apostolorum Foundation HK

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