The seeding phase of the Pontifical Endowment Fund began in 2016 with a check of one thousand dollars, from a couple who believed in our dream to create a legacy that would continue to support the formation of apostles in perpetuity. Since then, the Pontifical Endowment Fund has grown slowly and modestly to over € 100,000, with a generous pledge of over € 5,000,000, and yet remains in an initial seeding phase.

Many yearly operational needs have limited the initial gifts toward this Pontifical Endowment, yet we continue to dream of a legacy we can create together, for those moved to magnanimity in this project at the top of our strategic priorities.

As a professional academic institution, we are committed to efficient management, economic diversity and sustainability. As a Pontifical Athenaeum, we also have the moral duty, as Pope Francis has highlighted, never to ignore a meritorious student with limited financial resources. In the midst of these ecclesial realities, even without covering stipends of our authorities and professors of the Legion of Christ and consecrated members of Regnum Christi, we have substantial yearly operational needs including scholarships and financial aid support that surpass 2M and development opportunities to help fulfill our mission that surpass another 2M. Although we live through faith, we are also called to be responsible stewards and administrators, foreseeing future needs today.

At Regina Apostolorum, because we are committed to forming world of higher education, we are called to develop and perpetuate a sustainable formative model for future generations. Thus, we have undertaken the strategic challenge of developing our long-term funding, guaranteeing our institutional perpetuity through our endowment, with an initial goal of € 100,000,000, meant to strengthen the high quality of our education, research, outreach,
strategic development and impact.

We are calling upon men and women of goodwill, lasting vision, and a heart open to the needs of others, to consider before God becoming partners in this daunting and yet important mission. For those who feel called to collaborate with us and leave a legacy for the formation and evangelization mission of the Church, supporting the initial capital of the Pontifical Endowment fund is our proposal to you. It is an opportunity to pass on the values you believe in an exponential way, making a real difference in the lives of our students, faculty and culture of today and tomorrow. Through the investments of those who feel called to unite in this mission and respond with magnanimity, we remain united in a lasting, meaningful, spiritual, and apostolic bond.

We count on your much-needed support. With your generosity, the future legacy of our missionary and academic community can stand the test of time. We hope and pray you will join our circle of Pontifical Patrons supporting the Pontifical Endowment Fund.

Please for more details on legacy gifts please contact us at [email protected]


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