How to register

How to register

The Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum will normally open its courses for the academic year 2023/2024.

All programs which offer an academic degree will be offered in presential mode, within the limits of the legislative provisions on social distancing.

To facilitate the Admission and Enrollment process, the required documents will be requested only in digital format, as long as the originals are not required for legal reasons or for a more exhaustive verification of the veracity of the copies of the documents.

Admission and enrolment

Admission is defined as the process to enter a cycle (Baccalaureate, Licentiate, Doctorate) or program of study (Master, Diploma, Course).

This process has three steps:

  • The completion of the admission contact form.
  • The completion of the admission form.
  • The payment of the enrollment

1- Fill out the contact form and receive instructions.

By filling out the admission contact form you will receive by email the link to the admission form and all the instructions for completing the application.

2- Submit the documents requested in the admission form.

Having received to your email box the link to the admission form, prepare all the REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION, for enrollment. With this documentation you will be able to properly complete the admission form by uploading the documents digitally.

3-Payment of the enrollment.

Your application will be verified along with the documents. You will be informed by e-mail about the outcome of admission and the procedure to finalize the enrollment with payment. Once the documentation has been checked, the result of the request for admission and the procedure for payment of the inscription fee will be communicated by email.


Simultaneous enrolment in another program of study

Simultaneous enrollment in more than one cycle/program of study, either from different institutions or within the same Athenaeum, is permitted under these conditions (see General Regulations – Art. 67 §4)

  1. that the Dean or Director consents this double enrollment. To do such, at the admission-enrollment phase the candidate student must notify the academic authority that he is already enrolled in another program. In case of no notification, the double enrollment and the related exams taken may be invalidated, with no right to refunds;
  2. that there are no other regulations or laws that, based on the respective educational systems of the two institutions, prohibit such double enrollment.

For enrollment follow the steps reported in Admission and enrollment.

Enrollment in the following year

Enrollment in the following year means the continuation in the same cycle/program of study that the student is attending. Enrolment is made directly upon payment of the annual tuition fee.

Career Reconnection

This procedure is required when the student wants to continue his studies after a period of suspension, either voluntary or de facto. To complete this procedure, it is necessary to send all the required documentation by email. See information Reactivation Request Procedure

Enrollment for Auditor/Guest courses

For enrollment in auditor/guest mode courses, these enrollments are for individual courses/subjects and allow a maximum of three courses per semester. Please note that the guest mode provides for the delivery of certificates with the attribution of ECTS, while the auditor mode only issues a certificate of participation.

For enrollment follow the steps reported in Admission and enrollment.

For students from other Roman Pontifical Faculties, please consult this section (CRUIPRO):

Registration for courses as Auditors/Guest for students of Roman Pontifical Institutions.

Request for academic fee reduction (RTA)

To apply for the reduction of academic fees (RTA), the student may contact the competent office, following the procedure indicated on the website.

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