Financial Aid for Students

Financial Aid for Students

The Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum seeks to carry out its mission by promoting its institutional values aimed at pursuing the integral Good of the person both in its individual and social dimension. To pursue the Good in an academic intitution means to be aware of being walking towards a destination, it means keep on seeking the Truth in a balance between science and faith, promoting the true wisdom valuing the excelence.

The destination is the perfection that has been revealed by Christ, the perfect human being, who knows how to integrate all the existential dimensions and to achieve the real freedom. Under this poin of view is easier to fully understand some of the main values of our cultural and academic programs, such as the integral learning, the reserch of the wisdom and the continuous improvement…. As an academic community we would like to offer a full academic exprience where everybody, from the younger students to the well deserved teachers, can state: sudting at the Regina Apostolorum is a worthy experience, very valuable, excellent and finally – excellent!

The excellence we want to achieve corresponds to a vision of our Mission, that is to train people who exercise leadership towards the society and the Church, and create currents of thought that respond to the existential questions of our time and involving the entire academic community through rich and meaningful academic experiences.


What types of financial aid are offered to the students?

In our pursuit of excellence, we intend to support students through two ways of Financial Aid:

  • Scholarship
  • Riduction of Academic Fees

Both are tools at the service of the University’s mission and, for this reason, they are always assigned from this perspective, which gives them their deepest meaning.


Can I apply for a Financial Aid?

Yes, study support can be requested by students already admitted to the academic courses which issues academic degrees (baccalaureate, licentiate, doctorate).

Decisions in this regard are taken by the “Study Support Committee” according to the rules indicated in the Study Support Rules

Scholarships are indicated in detail in the web page at following link.

Requests for Reduction of Academic Fees (RTA), will not be accepted by students of Masters, Diplomas and specialization courses and for auditor and/or guest students.


How does the Financial Aid cover the costs of my programme?

The RTA applies only to academic fees and therefore excludes its application to annual enrollment and any other type of fee and payment.

The RTA granted for the Doctorate is valid for the entire cycle but does not apply to enrollment or to any “annual extension” and the same delivery terms as for other study programs are foreseen.

Only applications whose documentation is complete will be accepted.


When can I apply for a financial Aid?

The deadelines for the financial aid application are the following:

  • Financial Aid for the entire academic year:
  1. from 01/04 to 30/06;
  2. from 01/09 to 15/09;
  • Financial Aid for the second semester:
  1. from 01/11 to 15/01;


How can I apply for a Financial Aid

To submit the request, fill out the online form at this link. Applications must be accompanied by the following documentation.

  • Financial Aid request form
  • Letter of introduction signed by the Bishop of the Diocese or by the Superior of the Institute or Community to which he belongs (only for Religious candidates)
  • Documentation certifying income of family members


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