Sacred Heart Scholarship

Sacred Heart Scholarship


The Sacred Heart Scholarships are intended for religious of the Legionaries of Christ in formation prior to ordination and who study at our Pontifical Athenaeum. These scholarships are available for selected students who are distinguished by their continuous evangelization of culture, especially through social networks as influencers or through their own publications, sharing the Love of Christ with the world.

These scholarships began thanks to the generosity of several donors who are particularly concerned about the preparation of seminarians and who have understood that one of the Church’s most important tasks is certainly the formation of those who are to animate the Christian community of the faithful, priests.

“The Church has the duty and the proper and exclusive right to form those who are designated for the sacred ministries” (can. 232 of the Code of Canon Law).

Donors contributing to this fund firmly believe that the vocation “is a gift of God’s grace and never a human right, and that ‘priestly life can never be considered as a simply human affair, nor the mission of the minister as a simply personal project’. Any claim or presumption on the part of those called is thus radically excluded. Their entire heart and spirit should be filled with an astonished and deeply felt gratitude, an unwavering trust, and hope, because those who have been called know that they are rooted not in their own strength but in the unconditional faithfulness of God who calls” (Pope John Paul II, Pastores Dabo Vobis).

Furthermore, those who support the scholarship are convinced that faith is a gift that is communicated through the community. That community is a gift of God and makes use of his gifts to transmit the Gospel by communicating the beauty and the good of the kingdom of heaven already here on earth. In this time when we are used to finding an impersonal app for everything, we need personal witnesses to show us that “the salvation that God offers us is an invitation to be part of a love story strictly connected with our personal stories” (Apostolic journey of his holiness Pope Francis to Panama on the 34th world youth day, 2019). “Candidates for the priesthood should prepare themselves very conscientiously to welcome God’s gift and put it into practice, knowing that the Church and the world have an absolute need of them. They should deepen their love for Christ the good shepherd, pattern their hearts on his, be ready to go out as his image into the highways of the world to proclaim to all mankind Christ the way, the truth and the life” (Pope John Paul II, Pastores Dabo Vobis).

The scholarships awarded will cover up to 50% of academic fees, and applicants can also apply for up to € 1,000 for the purchase of material that may be of help for their respective evangelizing mission in social media or publication.

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Be a religious of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, and in formation prior to priestly ordination.
  2. Be admitted to studies at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum.
  3. Be an influencer in social media or have published at least one book, sharing the Love of Christ with the world.
  4. Apply for the scholarship within the dates established by the Study Program and include with the application:
    • (a) A reference letter of your local superior.
    • (b) A demonstration of your activity as an influencer in social media or your published book.
    • (c) A link to a video where you present the importance of the evangelization of culture through social media or publications.
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