Reduction of Academic Fees (RAF).

Reduction of Academic Fees (RAF).

An application for Reduction of Academic Fees must be submitted by the following dates:


  • Request for reduction for the entire academic year, application must be sent:
  1. from 01/04 to 30/06;
  2. from 01/09 to 15/09;
  • Request for reduction for the second semester, application must be sent:
  1. From 01/11 to 15/01;


Reduction requests will not be accepted for students of Masters, Diplomas and Postgraduate courses nor for auditors and/or guest students.

The Reduction of Academic Fees applies only to academic fees, the fees for annual registration and any other type of fees and payments are therefore excluded.

The RTA granted for a PhD is valid for the entire cycle but does not apply to enrollment or any “annual extension”; the same deadlines are foreseen for other study programs.



Students can apply for an RTA by presenting their application at the front office or by emailing ([email protected]) on or before the established dates:


  • Reduction of Academic Fees (RAF) Request form
  • Letter of introduction from the Bishop of the Diocese or the Superior of the Institute or Community to which the student belongs (for Religious);
  • ISEE form for students residing in Italy; in the case of:
  1. a foreign student not residing in Italy
  2. a foreign student residing in Italy but not autonomous and residing with relatives abroad
  3. an Italian student residing abroad


Documentation certifying income of family members must be submitted.

Only requests with complete documentation will be accepted.

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