Testimony about my service in Haiti, by Joseph Baselais

Testimony about my service in Haiti, by Joseph Baselais

In the name of the Lord Jesus Chrits, please let me express all my gratitude fot the incomparable economic aid that i recevied.

Here I share with you my motivation towards studying Bioethics and what is my project after this study.


Normally, if Bioethics is a young discipline, it is even younger in Haiti. Talking about bioethics concretely in the country, in fact, is a novelty. The Haitian population has no knowledge of Bioethics as there is nothing concrete to date. There is a lack of ethical value in Haitian society. Families have resigned. Society is weakened. There are so many blood crimes on the population, especially with the political, economic and social situation generating so much insecurity and crime. Human life is trivialised, we are ready to exchange the humanity into a commodity due to the way we consider it. A year ago, the government approved a decree to amend the Constitution and adopt another Penal Code in which abortion, euthanasia, marriage for all, to name but a few, are legalised.


Goals setted

As a very authentic Catholic Christian with a degree in philosophy and theology, I had the opportunity to do internships in various dioceses and parishes around the country during which I approached people, especially young people and families through conferences, meetings, and workshops. I was also a teacher of philosophy and religious sciences in a Catholic school in the diocese of Hinche. My dream is to see how:

  • Raising bioethical awareness in people by educating them in ethical values
  • Always work to protect and preserve life
  • Encouraging ethical behaviour in the actions of health workers, particularly doctors
  • Sensitising families to take responsibility
  • Also promoting medicine as a service fot the man, etc.


How to do it

  • Organise study days and reflection on bioethics in universities.
  • Organise debates and exchanges on sensitive topics through dioceses, parishes, groups.
  • Use the press, social networks, radio…
  • Propose medical ethics and medical deontology as fundamental teachings in the curriculum of the various medical faculties.
  • Organise regular seminars for doctors on ethical issues.
  • The codes of international bioethics, how to apply them in the Haitian reality whether at the health, family, social, etc. level.

In order to make the interdisciplinary nature of Bioethics effective and given the lack of human resources in the country, after this study in Bioethics, I would like to do a licence in Anthropological Philosophy in order to counter some difficulties such as academic (human resources), technical, technological, financial…

Being truly satisfied and grateful for your support, and always hoping to find it for the future, please believe dear leaders in my highest considerations and humblest prayers for your missions.

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