Guide for the access to Self Service Area and payments

Guide for the access to Self Service Area and payments

1. Click on the link:

2. Insert ID USUARIO and NIP:

  1. ID Usuario, consisting of 8 numbers, refers to your ID number preceded by 0 (00001234).
  2. The NIP refers to your date of birth in the format ddmmyy, (eg, February 4th, 1979: 040279). This NIP (if logging in for the first time) is -temporary’ so you will need to confirm or change it on the screen that will appear after you click Login.


3. Changing the temporary PIN / Change NIP

It will be necessary to change your temporary PIN. To do so, you will need to complete the requirements enumerated below:

  1. Ingrese-PIN: enter the temporary PIN (ddmmyy birth date).
  2. Nuevo PIN: enter a new PIN consisting of 6 numbers.
  3. Re-ingrese PIN: re-enter the 6-numbered PIN you have just created. This will now be your access PIN. Please do not forget it. In case  you insert an incorrect PIN for three (3) consecutive times, access to the service will be blocked. Finally click on “Accesso

4. Security Question and Answer

  1. In Confirmar NIP enter the NIP you just confirmed.
  2. In Pregunta write a security question (eg, What is the name of my dog?).
  3. In Respuesta enter the answer (eg, Duke).
  4. Click on Enviar.


5. Click on “Pagamenti tasse accademiche e more/Fees end fines payments”

6. For proceeding to payment click on “Selezionare” close the amount and then click on “Effettuare il pagamento”


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