Faculty of Theology – Wishbook

Faculty of Theology – Wishbook

The Faculty of Theology aims to spread a deep understanding of the mystery of God and His plan of salvation: we provide our students with an in-depth, organic and systematic knowledge of Catholic doctrine, empowering them to express and defend it clearly, to interact with society and to offer answers to the most profound questions that arise in the human soul.

Today’s world demands the formation of Catholic leaders who are anchored firmly in the Church’s teachings and are able to understand contemporary issues and envisage innovative solutions drawn from both technology and tradition. We invite you warmly to support the academic growth of our community!


Verbum Bible Software for Theology Students

We educate our students to be open-minded leaders, teachers and ministers who contribute effectively to the New Evangelization through their study of the biblical foundations of our Catholic faith. Our efforts focus on a strong interpretation of Tradition in order to illuminate contemporary issues. Providing our students with a quick and easy access to digital biblical libraries plays a fundamental role in their formation. Drawing upon the experience of all our Sacred Scripture professors in using Verbum Bible Software to prepare and give classes, we would like to provide all of our theology students with a copy of Verbum Catholic Bible Software, and train them during their three years of theology to use it for their ministry, studies, and preaching.

Total Cost: To offer the Software to one school year students: € 126.000 ADOPTED

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Biblical books and full access to ATLA religion database

Our institutional prestige has been internationally acknowledged for its theological thoroughness and for its compelling interpretations of contemporary issues in light of Tradition. This is the result of our commitment to an ever-deepening understanding of Sacred Scriptures enlightened by current academic research. As the Faculty of Theology we need to provide the Regina Apostolorum Library with the essential Commentary Series on the Sacred Scripture as well as with the full access to ATLA Religion Database of EBSCOHOST, the leading online database for research. This package will offer us full access to top academic journals in Biblical and Theological Studies, allowing the possibility of searching for and downloading articles otherwise difficult to find. This is useful for our licentiate and doctoral students, but it is especially important for our professors, so that they can interact with other Biblical scholars and publish relevant articles in their respective fields of study.

  • Total Cost:To purchase the essential Commentary Series and books for one year: € 12.000; ADOPTED
  • To maintain and refurbish the Biblical section: € 5.000 each subsequent year. We are looking for benefactors who will help with a 10-year grant. ADOPTED
  • To provide access to EBSCOHOST: € 12,000 the first year, € 9.600 each subsequent year.

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Translation and publication of three biblical essays

Our Faculty members are recognized scholars whose theological analysis and publications contribute meaningfully to the on-going international debate. Fr. Nicolas Bossu, acknowledged of Henri di Lubac prize, is our specialist in Prophetic Literature. His doctoral thesis proposes a model of how to read the Scriptures together with Tradition, a work for which he received the highest academic honor in college level studies, Summa cum Laude.

Fr. Nicolas Bossu has also prepared an extensive commentary on the Church’s liturgical readings as an aid for priests who want to share the richness of the Scriptures in their preaching.

Fr Devin Roza, another of our Bible experts, has written “Fulfilled in Christ. The Sacraments” with a forward by Dr. Scott Hahn. This essay has received numerous accolades from top scholars in the United States and we want to translate it into Italian. This work also offers a model for reading Scripture together with the Tradition of the Church in a way that is academically sound.

Translation and publication costs: € 18.000.

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