Wishbook 2017

Wishbook 2017
Welcome to our first edition of Wishbook
Our community is a place where cultures from all corners of earth come together to promote the common good in truth and charity. Only a commitment to the common good can resolve conflicts and foster a culture of encounter and fraternity; it is wisdom that never disappoints and that will allow us to write a great story in the future.
Almost 25 years of achievement and leadership demonstrate our commitment to excellence and cultural engagement. We are determined to maintain and build up our hallmark interdisciplinary, multicultural, research-focused approach to education and scholarship. To achieve this goal, we continue to explore original and effective approaches to teaching and learning, creating opportunities to develop a universal humanism.
Also in the name of our Pontifical community, I want to thank each of you for supporting our development and growth,
Father Jesús Villagrasa, L.C.
Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum
Dear friends,
Our Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, located in the heart of Rome, is a crossroads for students from around the world who are eager and serious in their commitment for bettering themselves and our culture. For almost 25 years, we have been able to form our students thanks especially to the generous support of our benefactors. We humbly recognize that only together will we be able to continue to offer a cultural legacy for the future.
Our 2017 Wishbook presents projects of special strategic importance for the Athenaeum’s lasting development. In these projects, we aim to unite your needed collaboration with our academic community, fulfilling our common desire to form and invest in future Christian leaders, and so transform culture.
Our authorities, professors, students and staff thank you for considering to adopt or donate to the project that is closest to your heart. Our team is fully available to answer your questions, as well assist you in making your gift and investment. We can ensure you that together, with your support, we will leave a lasting legacy for our Pontifical community in years to come.
We hope to see you soon here in Rome, and promise you a heartfelt and thankful remembrance in our prayers.
Father Thomas Montanaro, L.C.
Vice President of Development and Administration



With enthusiasm and hope, we warmly invite you to view our digital version, and if any project inspires you to support it entirely, to contribute to its realization, or to receive more information, we are at your disposal. Contact us without hesitation at [email protected].

Thank you for your generosity!

WishBook 2017

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