Faculty of Philosophy – Wishbook

Faculty of Philosophy – Wishbook

The Faculty of Philosophy encourages its students to ponder the great philosophical questions that humanity has asked across generations and cultures. Our aim is to frame a solid Christian view of the world, relying on the principles of perennial philosophy in constant dialogue with modern currents of thought and attending to the demands of philosophical reason.

We strive for a coherent vision of the world through rational tools suited to further theological speculation, preparing students to engage with today’s pluralistic world.

Our students develop keen skills in critical thinking and in ethical discernment so as to address the challenges of the New Evangelization and to answer the questions posed by our contemporary culture.


International Conference on Thomism and the Contemporary Debate on Personal Identity

Thomistic thinking has informed the fabric of the Church’s magisterium: from the relation of nature and grace to the sacraments, from natural law to justice in the social order. For this reason, our Faculty wants to organize an international conference aimed at examining Thomas Aquinas’s account of personal identity and its relevance for contemporary discussion of the issue. As a systematic theologian, Aquinas develops a theory of personal identity through his exploration of Christian doctrines on the nature, origin and immortality of the human soul and on the resurrection of the dead. However, his account of personal identity is distinguished by its philosophical sophistication.

The conference will bring together internationally acknowledged scholars, coming mainly from Germany and United States, through plenary sessions – where two lecturers impart a conference, followed by discussion – and parallel sessions – where academic papers are presented and discussed.

Total Cost: € 14.200, covering realization costs as well as travel and accommodation for international key-note speakers.

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