Science and Faith Institute – Wishbook

Science and Faith Institute – Wishbook

The Science and Faith Institute is inspired by Pope John Paul II’s thinking as expressed in the encyclical Fides et Ratio. It conceives science and faith not as opposites, but rather as two different instances united by a common thread: the search for truth.

We conduct research on the relationship between faith and science in order to answer the compelling ethical and anthropological questions at the cutting-edge of scientific development, raised by the advent of new technologies among other things. Through our teaching and research activities, conferences and conventions, we offer a shared platform for dialogue and a common pursuit of truth.


Audiovisual and Digital Materials in Spanish and English

We continuously receive requests from individual and institutions around the world interested in accessing our courses, lectures and conferences. For our 15th Anniversary, we want to make our programs available for the first time outside of Europe.

Thanks to modern technologies, such a unique and comprehensive program can reach people in different areas of the planet. Our desire is to film all our activities and to create high quality video and audio resources as well as digital supporting materials in different languages (starting with Spanish and English) in order to share them worldwide, in keeping with international university standards.

Total Cost:

  • € 159.000 for filming and postproduction, subtitles and translations of all materials in Spanish or English.
  • € 17.000 for filming and translating in English all  materials for Sindonic Studies Diploma.  ADOPTED
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