Wishbook Special Edition

Wishbook Special Edition
Since 1993 our Pontifical Athenaeum has been committed to witnessing the mystery of Christ through the formation of Christian leaders—clerics and lay—at the service of the Church and of the common good. This year we are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary with our students, professors, personnel and benefactors: together we accomplished many challenging goals, which contributed in reinforcing our identity. We are community also because we share our innermost dreams and together we can make them come true.

When you support our mission, you help us to spearhead a New Evangelization through dialogue between Catholicism and cultures, religions, sciences, and philosophical traditions. Your generosity impacts an entire generation of talented students, researchers and professors, many of whom are seminarians, sisters, and other consecrated persons who have dedicated their lives to this work.

With the joy of knowing you as part of our community, and with the hope of together building a culture of life and love so needed today, I thank each of you for the interest shown towards our institution.


Father Jesús Villagrasa, L.C.
Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum


With great joy we thank the many generous donors who supported our projects in the 2017 edition. Their commitment, dedication and passion for our mission have contributed to enhancing our formation and research.

Through Verbum software, for example, all theology professors and all theology students enrolling in the next three years will have access for life to thousands of primary resources: Bible editions, commentaries, writings of the Church Fathers, magisterial documents, etc. Other generous benefactors have enriched our library with Collections of Biblical Commentaries. These will be an invaluable asset for our study and research.

Yet other benefactors have also generously invested in our distance-learning. We have been able to enrich some of our classrooms with state of the art multimedia, connecting students and professors from all over the world. We have also developed a pivotal distance-learning formation on the Shroud of Turin in English and are in the process of developing other formation online, both in our Science and Faith Institute, as well as from other Institutes.

I offer a special thanks for those individuals and organizations who continue to believe in offering personal scholarships for our students. Your support offers us and so many people hope and joy as we strive to put our formation to the service of our neighbor and do our part in making a better world.

On occasion of our 25thanniversary, thank you for taking the time to read this special edition of Regina Apostolorum’s Wishbook.  The strategic projects offered here are aimed at guaranteeing our academic perpetuity and sustainability. Our dream is to assure generations of students the hope and assurance of all the means necessary to fulfill our mission: the formation of servant leaders and the evangelization of culture. The Pontifical Endowment Fund and theRegina Apostolorum Scholarship Fundwith your generous support will help so many beautiful dreams come true, one person at a time.

Ours is a challenging mission yet your support makes it so rewarding and assures it will last forever!

Always in my prayers and hoping to receive you here in Rome,


Father Thomas Montanaro, L.C.
Vice President of Development and Administration



With enthusiasm and hope, we warmly invite you to view our digital version, and if any project inspires you to support it entirely, to contribute to its realization, or to receive more information, we are at your disposal. Contact us without hesitation at [email protected].

Thank you for your generosity!


You can download the pdf for the digital edition here.

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