Institute for Higher Studies on Women – Wishbook

Institute for Higher Studies on Women – Wishbook

As a true “humanity lab” focused on the person, we are engaged in research and educational programs to increase the influence of women in society. In particular, our activities promote a positive, realistic view of women and maternity, enhancing their contribution and specificities, in the family, the professional world, and the Church.

Starting from hailing the differences and peculiarities between man and woman, we are committed to offer concrete opportunities for confrontation and dialogue, so to make differences a resource and a value. We believe the world is a place where deep dialogues arise, where the difference is only growth, where to build cultural bridges, where being woman and being mother is a gift.

We hope you join us to achieve these goals together we can advance great projects!

“Man and Woman Covenant” Research Group

Today men and women are called to collaborate on behalf of the society. This call means responsibility to work in a covenant, not only through marriage but also through culture and politics, in workplace, in economy, and in the Church.

Our interdisciplinary group has been working since 2013, deepening reflection about human identity, and the meaning of sexual corporeity. The project we present has a double-folded purpose: institutionalizing our research, teaching and dissemination activities, and creating the conditions for our sustainability and development over time.

For this reason, we ask philanthropists and benefactors to support the growth of our group, along a period of three years, by facilitating the continuous presence of six postdoc researchers, involved also in teaching and dissemination activities, as well as establishing a PhD Scholarships in the Schools of Theology and Philosophy for gifted candidates interested in deepening originally and wisely the topic of “Man and Woman Covenant,” “Nuptial Theology,” among others. We envision also the possibility for further synergies aimed to strengthen the collaboration between men and women by financing, during all the duration of the project, the publishing of academic works and the realization of an international conference, seminars and cultural activities for the dissemination of results.

By supporting the research group, benefactors have the opportunity of fostering our trajectory, contributing concretely in inserting our academic and scientific research within international debates, helping in disseminating the importance of mutual knowledge and respect, because it is not simply a question of equal opportunities or mutual recognition. This is above all the understanding of men and women on the meaning of life and on the path of peoples, since neither man alone, nor woman alone, is able to take on this responsibility.

Duration: 3 years

Total cost: € 188,400

  • Support to PhD scholarship: € 76,100
  • Realization of three International Conferences: € 37,500
  • Support to our Post-Doc researchers: € 74,800


Valore Mamma

As its Italian name suggests, the project wants to underline the social and cultural value of motherhood. We believe, indeed, that mothers have a great energy that deserves to be supported and that the female perspective must be cultured, valued and understood in all areas.  For this reason, Valore Mamma wants to support the motherhood, as a central and fundamental moment in the life of a woman, characterized by great energy and creativity but also by fragility and vulnerability.

Mothers are a precious resource for society, for the family and for the economy, but often there is no real awareness of this value on the part of mothers themselves and especially on society. We believe that the motherhood is a value for society, culture, economy, family and the Church.

For this reason, Valore Mamma conceives two innovative and successful initiatives:  The Mom’s Weekand the magazine Mom’s Value.

We are working to the 4th edition of The Mom’s Week, offering mothers exclusive appointments and services, and strengthening them through a community for mothers, associations, businesses and institutions.  Benefactors and philanthropists can reinforce such an innovative project helping its growth and development. Supporting the forthcoming edition, they can promote motherhood, establishing a privileged dialogue with economic agents and social institutions.

Their philanthropic commitment can also embrace our magazine created with great enthusiasm and dedication by a team of women, aimed to create a scientific-cultural information service to support the well-being of mothers, to promote the social value of motherhood and of women’s contribution to culture.

The ambitious challenge of Valore Mamma is to carry out an authentic change in society, through the development of a new awareness in recognizing the precious role that mothers play every day.

Total cost: € 37,000


Value @ Work

The economic and demographic crisis that today’s society is facing, shows us that the mere logic of profit doesn’t suffice, because there is an uttermost need for a long-term systemic vision. Bringing the centrality of the person as a paradigm shift within the workplace, we believe, is not only socially sustainable but also ethical.

Our challenging project wants to create and strengthen bridges between the academy and the job market. For this reason, Value @ Work wants to open new horizons for enterprises and individuals, in order to enhance the job placement of young people and women. Value @ Work, indeed, seeks to propose a new organizational model – supported by a survey and a pivotal training experience.

The survey will involve companies and young people’s expectations regarding work, life and family, to combine skills necessary for the innovation and competitiveness of companies, within the organizational culture which puts the person, his development, his well-being and his quality of life as the main paradigm.

The innovative training experience, which wisely combines education with internship, is aimed to reintegrate women victims of violence and trafficking in job market, offering effective tools for strengthening their skills and competences. Benefactors and philanthropists can support the transformative impact of Value @ Work, financing the survey and also helping with ten scholarships to the training activities.

The innovation of Value @ Work lies in the rethinking of the organization of work at the center of cultural debate, in activating effective projects for the reintegration of groups (such as young people, mothers, women victims of violence and trafficking, immigrants).

Total cost: € 109,200

  • Summit: € 22,000
  • Survey: € 28,750
  • Training program for mothers of victims of violence: €58,450, of which € 48,000 for ten scholarships




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