Science and Faith Institute – Wishbook

Science and Faith Institute – Wishbook

Science alone is not enough: together with humanism it can bring hope into the hearts and the lives of men. The encounter between science and faith takes place through the open field of reason, where there are no boundaries between the disciplines because they converge in the same search for truth.

The work of our Institute is to nourish this harmony between science and faith, revealing their innermost articulation.

In our 15 years of activity, our Institute has made possible the encounter between hard sciences and the humanities. We appreciate very much your support for our projects.

Audiovisual and Digital Materials in English and Spanish for our Science & Faith Postgraduate Diploma

An increasing number of professionals from all over the world contact us because they want to access our innovative programs and materials on the relationship between science and faith. This is why we decided to undertake an ambitious project: launching a distance learning for our Science and Faith Postgraduate Diploma program.
Thanks to technologies now available, we want to make our courses, seminars and workshops accessible everywhere. We ask for the support of philanthropists and benefactors so to enable us to strengthen the international nature of our two-year Science and Faith Postgraduate Diploma and to record its activities professionally.
This initiative has already started, thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of a philanthropist. We need to complete this pilot project. Providing individuals and institutions around the world with access to our courses, lectures and conferences is a great opportunity for expanding the impact of our efforts.

We hope to engage benefactors in a fruitful partnership such this, allowing our Institute to complete our unique and comprehensive program, reaching people in different areas of the planet.

Total cost: € 175,000


Audiovisual and Digital Materials in Spanish for The Postgraduate Certificate Shroud Studies

Through the Postgraduate Certificate in Shroud Studies we spread the knowledge of the most iconic Christological witness in the world by strengthening the dialogue with researchers, scientists, institutions and opinion leaders to bring the Shroud’s message of salvation.

The Spanish edition of the postgraduate certificate seeks to offer the whole Hispanic world access to excellent teaching involving the experts of the most important centers of Sindonology.

Supporting this project is a way to put enhance the New Evangelization of modern society, spreading the truth that constantly embraces science and faith.

Total cost: € 17,000


Exhibition on the Shroud of Turin

In 2006, the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorumcreated the Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud of Turin in order to foster dialogue between science and faith for everyone who feels the Shroud’s spiritual call and wants to delve deeper into its values, authenticity, meaning and messages.

The Permanent Exhibition aims to spread the spirituality of Christ’s Passion through The Man of the Shroud, the bronze statue by the Italian sculptor Luigi E. Mattei, as well as the three-dimensional projection of The Man of the Shroud, the reconstruction and exhibition of objects from Christ’s Passion (such as the Cross’ nails, the crown of thorns, the whips), and the model of the Holy Sepulcher at Jesus’ day.

For the 10th anniversary of our Permanent Exposition on the Shroud, we are asking our benefactors to help in us raising money for establishing new Expositions on the Holy Shroud, and so foster the work of evangelization.

Average cost: € 58,000 each exposition

According to the materials, the exhibition can cost between € 40,100 and € 75,100


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