Regina Apostolorum Legacy – Wishbook

Regina Apostolorum Legacy – Wishbook


In early Christian art, the peacock is a symbol of eternal life due to the ancient legend that its flesh does not decay after death. It is also a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection, since it sheds its brilliant plumage each fall and grows longer and fuller feathers in the spring. Here at Regina Apostolorum, we see the peacock as a symbol of the impact your gifts can guarantee perpetuity to our academic mission. Every year, we welcome an average of 1,200 students to the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum: talented young men and women who are eager to build their knowledge, strengthen their spiritual lives, and prepare themselves to be leaders in contemporary society. With the backing of our Pontifical heritage and our dedicated professors, we aim to stand in the vanguard of culture and relentlessly promote a Catholic worldview of the human person and culture.

The accelerated pace of new processes and changes in our societies calls us to an accountable reflection about our mission, its role within society and our perdurance across time. Our Athenaeum is a privileged space for fostering the integration between faith and reason: we are committed to fostering, integrating and harmonizing the intellect, affections and activity across time.

Our planned giving goal is to achieve € 100 million in our Pontifical Endowment Fund, which will help us to sustain our Athenaeum’s growth and give it a perennial legacy. Benefactors and philanthropists are engaged to leave a lasting impact through their capital gifts, ensuring a solid and permanent endowment which will perpetually sustain our efforts.

We count on your much-needed support. With your generosity, the future legacy of our missionary and academic community can stand the test of time. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details and information on the Endowment Fund.


Our Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum has been founded for training students through innovation and courage: the first comes from the deep desire of contributing to New Evangelization, the latter from faith and fidelity to the Magisterium.
As a professional academic institution, we are committed to efficient management and economic sustainability. As Pontifical Athenaeum we also have a moral duty, as Pope Francis has underlined: never leaving behind a gifted student with limited economic resources. For this reason, we are committed to keep our academic fees low so to make higher education accessible to every Christian.
In combining our Pontifical mission with our economic stability, the role of benefactors is crucial: their generosity, make economic accountability and Christian stewardship possible! Each year, the Athenaeum dedicates more than one million euros to scholarships and fee-reductions for qualifying students. The real need, however, is much greater and, for our 25th anniversary, we hope benefactors will support the establishment of the Regina Apostolorum Scholarships Fund for our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the establishment of PhD scholarships for helping future scholars.







Please contact us at [email protected] for more details and information.

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