Testimonies for Scholarship Fund – Fr. Jonathan Flemings L.C.

Testimonies for Scholarship Fund – Fr. Jonathan Flemings L.C.

Twenty-five years ago, Pope John Paul II blessed a little Protestant kid standing on the sidewalk outside the Scavi in Rome. Who would have thought that two and a half decades later he would be Catholic, studying to be a priest in Rome!

My name is Jonathan Flemings, I am from a big family in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a convert to the Faith and am studying a bachelor’s degree in theology at Regina Apostolorum.

One of the most significant things about the experience at Regina Apostolorum is the international make-up of the teaching staff and the student body. I have classmates from India, China, Africa, South America and Central America, and all over Europe.

The professors come from a handful of different countries as well, and all of that contributes to an experience of the faith and intellectual formation that is rich and missionary. I know the guy who sits behind me is going to be a pastor in Puebla, Mexico, the one on my left in Tanzania, the guy in front of me was a full-time evangelizer in the Philippines. The young woman in the front row will teach religion in a school here in Italy.

We are evangelizing the whole world in one place. It is very much an upper room, so I think it lives up to the name “Queen of the Apostles.”

Fidelity to the Magisterium is another characteristic of our learning experience. In every class you always perceive reverence for the Faith and firm adhesion to what the Church has always taught.

There is a sense of being in step with the Church. For me that is very important.

Communicating the truth of the Faith in an incisive and relevant way has always been something that I am passionate about.

The Gospel really is the answer to what people are looking for, to what my friends and family are looking for.

I want to study a master’s and doctorate because I believe changing culture starts with ideas. My dream is to be part of the dialogue that shapes the way people think about themselves and the world, the dialogue takes place in higher education. I can’t get there on my own! Your support for our scholarship fund and for Regina Apostolorum helps make my dream a reality, and God willing will give me the chance to make an impact on the lives of many, many students and readers in the future.


Donate now to our Scholarship Fund and let’s bring together Christ to world.


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