You can consult all the documents regulating the Faculties and Schools of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Below is the complete list of Statutes, Regulations, Standards and Procedures.


  • General Regulations
  • Regulation of the Commission for Collaboration in the Strategic Lines of RIU and RC
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Student Coordination Regulation
  • Regulation for the Establishment of Masters and Post-Graduate Courses
  • Regulations of the Quality Promotion Commission
  • Approval of the Regulation of the Subject Expert for SRS
  • Publications Department Regulations


  • Special Rules for Other Educational Pathways
  • Study Facilitation Regulations
  • Rules for the Recognition of Credits
  • Standards for Examinations
  • Administrative Standards
  • Suspension, Renunciation and Reconciliation Standards
  • Standards for Applying for Certifications
  • Standards for the Third Cycle
  • Study Support Standards
  • Human Resources Department Special Standards
  • Standards for Academic Discipline and Ethics
  • Standards for Non-Academic Sections


  • General Guidelines for Registration and Enrolment
  • Master Activation

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