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The Institute’s educational offerings are characterised by a pastoral sense and cultural sensitivity to ensure an in-depth study of the Religious Sciences. These study courses are recognised by the Italian Episcopal Conference for teaching Catholic Religion in institutes and, in addition, all courses are designed to ensure a continuity of studies even for those with other work and family commitments.

The Institute of Religious Sciences deals with training pastoral workers and all those involved in some way in the various spheres of the Church to educate those who will be religious education teachers in institutes at all levels.

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Connected to the Faculty of Theology, the Institute of Religious Sciences is empowered to grant the academic Baccalaureate in Religious Sciences and two Degrees or Master’s degrees in the following fields:

  • pedagogical-didactic for teaching the Catholic religion. This degree provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also personal coaching at the beginning of teaching.
  • pastoral work in training to provide specialised training for trainers of religious life or seminaries.

In addition to the academic, university-quality degree programme in Religious Studies, the Institute offers:

  • Diploma in Psychopedagogy and training for a consecrated life
  • Supplementary programme for teaching the Catholic religion

The Institute of Religious Sciences is also committed to ongoing training on the consecrated female life, with annual, biannual and summer courses.

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