Permanent exhibition on the Shroud

In our Ateneo there is an exclusive exhibition space, dedicated to the Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud, the only reproduction of the original present in Turin.

This exhibition, reserved for a fundamental symbol of Christianity, is a privilege for us and above all a way to transmit a further message of evangelization.

For this reason, those who want to know and delve deeper into the historical, scientific and spiritual value of the Shroud can immerse themselves in the heart of our Exhibition and visit it virtually by viewing the Video here or on site in our Ateneo, in Rome.

The Shroud

The Shroud is a linen sheet on which the figure of the body of a tortured and crucified man is imprinted. The footprint has the unique characteristic of behaving like a photographic negative, where the highlights and shadows are inverted compared to natural ones.

The exhibition represents an important opportunity to continue the dialogue between science and faith. It is addressed to anyone who feels the spiritual call of the Shroud and wants to explore its value, its authenticity, its meaning and its message.

The Ateneo strongly believes in the value of the Shroud of Turin and for over 10 years, has been offering a Diploma in Shroud Studies (in Italian, Spanish, and English). This course, with a systematic and interdisciplinary approach, delves into this exceptional document and its message of faith..

The Exhibition

The Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud at the Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum offers a unique outlook on the subject:

  • life-size reproduction of the Shroud
  • historical-didactic journey from its inception to the present day
  • presentation of the scientific debate on authenticity, characteristics, etc., in light of research carried out in recent years
  • bronze statue of the Man of the Shroud by sculptor Luigi E. Mattei
  • the holograms of the Man of the Shroud produced by Dr. Petrus Soons
  • study of the Passion of Christ in light of the Shroud
  • reconstruction of some of the objects of the Passion: the nails, the crown of thorns, the scourges
  • scaled reproduction of the Holy Sepulchre at the time of Jesus
  • multimedia presentations on the Shroud

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