Our Faculty of Philosophy is a unique combination of faith and reason, culture and science. An educational course in which an attempt is made to demonstrate the coherence of the demands of philosophical reason with the Christian vision, to offer a rational instrument suitable for theological speculation, and to prepare students for dialogue with today’s pluralistic world.

The aim of the courses imparted by the Faculty is to offer a serious and organic philosophical education. The study of Philosophy at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum prepares students to approach the study of theology in a rigorous and profound manner and also enables them to respond to the demands of the new evangelisation and the questions posed by the world of contemporary culture.

At the Faculty of Philosophy, students deepens their understanding of the Philosophy  of Being in its various dimensions, their mastery of the perennially valid philosophical heritage, their knowledge of the most influential currents of contemporary thought in society, their maturation of a sound critical sense and ethical discernment, and their acquisition of an effective methodology of study, research and teaching. In systematic courses, particular emphasis will be placed on the fundamental principles of the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas. This preference for his method and doctrine is not exclusive but rather ‘exemplary’.


Philosophy Courses

The Faculty of Philosophy offers a comprehensive programme from the Baccalaureate to the Degree cycles designed to provide a solid and coherent worldview in light of the heritage of the philosophia perennis and in dialogue with modern currents of thought.

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