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The Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum has the mission to train apostles, both clerical and lay Christian leaders, serving the Church to bear witness to the mystery of Christ. We offer the church qualified professors, spiritual directors, seminary trainers, priests, religious and lay people who can dedicate themselves to teaching and training.

Our Manifesto brings together the principles and values that underpin the contribution we want to make to the church’s evangelising mission in contemporary society.


Strategic Planning

The Ateneo renews its strategic planning every five years. The current Strategic Planning will conclude in 2024, and work is already underway on the next one, which will guide the Ateneo until 2029. The strategic priorities focus on:

  • the contribution to the evangelisation of culture through its interdisciplinary research lines, a specific and innovative training offer, and the professionalism of its teaching staff;  
  • the active involvement of students and the high level of satisfaction, personal and professional coaching and the development of soft skills for the mission of evangelisation;  
  • institutional management that fosters co-responsibility and effective coordination, the human and professional development of service staff, teachers and students. In addition, it will be recognised among the universities for its specific contribution to the evangelisation of culture;  
  • the growing number of students in innovative leadership training and culture evangelisation programmes, and a solid and diversified economy in sources of input that supports the momentum in innovation and training. 

Our Story


On 15 September, APRA was founded, promoted by the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, with the Faculties of Theology and Philosophy.


On 20 July, St John Paul II granted the title of Pontifical.


On 23 April, the Institute of Religious Sciences was established, with the power to confer Baccalaureate and Licentiate degrees.


On 21 May, the Faculty of Bioethics was established to grant Baccalaureate, Licentiate and Doctorate degrees.


On 13 November, the San Carlos and San Marcelo Major Seminary of the Archdiocese of Trujillo (Peru) joined the Faculty of Theology.


On 3 September, the Congregation for Catholic Education granted the decree of definitive canonical erection to the Ateneo.


The Institute for Bioethics and Human Rights (25 March), the Institute of Science and Faith (5 April), and the Fidelis Institute for Economic and S…


The Institute for Advanced Studies on Women (16 February) and the Sacerdos Institute (20 May 2011) were founded.


On 2 October, the ‘Maria Mater Ecclesiae’ School of Philosophy and Theology in Itapecerica da Serra (Brazil) joined the Faculty of Theology.


On 28 May, the ‘Pio XI’ Seminary in San Remo also joined the APRA Faculty of Theology.


On 3 April, the ‘Maria Mater Ecclesiae’ Institute was also affiliated to the Faculty of Philosophy for the corresponding title.


The Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum celebrates its first 30 years since its foundation.

Our Campus

A unique space in the city of Rome, created to make life at the Ateneo an experience of academic and personal growth

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Articles of Association

The articles of association, regulations and rules governing the life of the Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum.

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Ateneo Networks

An active network of international connections between universities that share the same foundations and objectives.

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