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The application process is unique, whether it is for admission to a degree programme (Baccalaureate, Degree, Doctorate) or to other training programmes (Diplomas or Courses).

In order to enrol, each prospective student must follow these three steps:

  • fill in an initial contact form;
  • fill in an admission form;
  • pay the registration fee.


Simultaneous enrolment in several courses, both from different institutions and within the same university, is permitted under the conditions agreed in our General Regulations:

  • the Dean or the Director must consent to the dual enrolment. To do this, the prospective student must notify the Academic Authority at the admission/enrolment stage that they are already enrolled in another course. In the event of non-notification, the double enrolment and the corresponding examinations taken may be invalidated, with no right to reimbursement.
  • Verification that there are no other rules or laws that, according to the respective educational systems of the two institutions, prohibit such dual enrolment.

Once these points have been ascertained, it will be possible to enrol following the usual admission procedure, starting with the first contact form.

Fill in the contact form

Enrolment in the following year means continuing on the same cycle/programme of study that the student is currently attending. Enrolment takes place directly upon payment of the annual registration fee.

For students who intend to resume their studies after a period of time off, whether voluntary or de facto, there is the possibility of applying for a study reconciliation. To do this, all the required documentation must be forwarded to the offices involved in the procedure by e-mail.Ā 

For enrolment in courses in auditor/guest mode, these enrolments involve individual courses/subjects and allow a maximum of three courses per semester. Please note that theĀ guestĀ mode provides for ECTS certificates, whereas theĀ auditorĀ mode only awards a certificate of attendance.

In order to complete enrolment, you must:

  1. Fill in the online form
  2. Upload the required documentation (previously digitised)
  3. Submit it

Once your documents have been verified, you will be informed by e-mail of the outcome and the procedure for completing your enrolment.

Fill in the form

For students from other Roman Pontifical Faculties:

The Roman Pontifical Educational Institutions have entered into an agreement to foster student mobility within the Roman Church university system.

Every ordinary Baccalaureate, Degree or Doctorate student, subject to the limitations indicated by the individual institutions concerned, enrolled at one of the CRUIPRO member institutions, will have the opportunity to take a course of up to a maximum of 6 ECTS each semester at one of the other member institutions signatory to this Agreement at no further cost and under the conditions indicated below.

Study grants

Study grants are instruments serving the mission of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and are always allocated with a view to fostering the evangelical cultural development of our students.

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