The administration and management of activities within the Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum take place with the support of various departments.

Let’s get to know in detail the heads of the various departments:


P. John Connor, LC

Grand Chancellor


P.José E. Oyarzún, LC



P. David Koonce, LC

Deputy Academic Rector


P. José Fernández San Román, LC

Dean of the Faculty of Theology


P. Alberto Carrara, LC

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy


Prof. Alberto García Gómez

Dean of the Faculty of Bioethics


P. Rafael Pascual, LC

Director, School of Science and Faith


P. Marcelo Bravo, LC

Director of the School of Religious Sciences


P. Edward McNamara, LC

Director, Sacerdos Institute


Anita Cadavid

Director, School for Advanced Women’s Studies

aRobles (1)-min

P. Aarón Robles Amador, LC

General Secretary


Salvatore Emanuele Bova

General Bursar


P. Pedro Mendoza, LC

Library Prefect

mryan (1)-min

P. Michael Ryan, LC



It is the Office that, under the guidance of the Rector, manages the relations of the Athenaeum with the Apostolic See and the local Church, the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, and other academic and non-academic institutions.

General and Academic Secretariat

It is the body responsible for managing all administrative activities related to students’ academic careers. The offices are located on the ground floor.

Human Resources Department

It was established in February 2013 to improve human resources management and ensure excellence in work performance and services offered by the Ateneo.

Institutional Development Department

It consists of three teams dedicated to Institutional Communication, Promotion, and Fundraising & Alumni, with the aim of implementing the mission of the Ateneo.

Quality Office

It is an advisory and proactive body that assists the Rector in promoting a culture of quality across all sectors and departments of the Ateneo.


It is the Department that manages the economic and administrative areas of the Athenaeum and coordinates, in addition to the employees of the Economato area (cashier, accounting, purchasing, general services, and maintenance), the Information Systems Office, General Services, and Events.

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