Our Faculty of Theology is a multicultural pathway that enables the in-depth study of the teachings of Catholic doctrine related to modern life. 

The objective of the courses included in the Faculty is to train students so that they can acquire a structured, organic and systematic knowledge of Catholic doctrine and to know how to expound and defend it clearly, and be able to be in dialogue with other Christians and the people of our time.

The Faculty of Theology deals with the study of the main and fundamental aspects of the faith in full symbiosis with and faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church. The study is articulated through a basic training in the three-year Baccalaureate cycle, a more specialised one in the Degree cycle, and one, finally, geared towards training researchers and professors in the Doctorate cycle.

It is possible to follow study paths that are as customised as possible for students according to their desire to study certain subjects in greater depth.

Theology Events

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Theology courses

The Faculty of Theology offers a comprehensive programme from the Baccalaureate to the Degree cycles in which the study of the main and fundamental aspects of the faith in full and the teachings of the Church in relation to modern life are addressed.

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