Institutional Development Department

The Institutional Development Department is composed of three distinct teams:

  • Institutional Communication
  • Promotion
  • Fundraising and Alumni

The Institutional Development Departament is responsible for expanding are aimed at expanding the visibility and positioning of the Athenaeum, improving the quality of education, intellectual currents, innovative teaching methods, and the identity of the University. The Institutional Development Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining connections with external entities, promoting collaboration and exchange, participating in strategic planning, defining objectives, and developing the University.

It facilitates the exploration of new opportunities.

Institutional Communication

The Institutional Communication Office is responsible for managing the external communication of the Institution. Its primary objective is to disseminate the mission and values of the Athenaeum (o Ateneo). The office also plays a crucial role in organizing events that promote the dialogue and collaboration between the Ateneo community and the target audience. The Communication Office is responsible for managing the Ateneo’s Brand image and reputation. This is achieved through social media management, press releases, participation in events. The Office also maintains media relations and creates informational materials such as newsletters, informational materials, videos, and web content to showcase academic programs, institutional events, research results, and cultural activities. It promotes and supports the communication between the Athenaeum (o Ateneo) and other Institutions and works within the network of the Legionaries of Christ’ and Regnum Christi.

The office is led by Maria Selva Silvestri.

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Mobile: +39 328 9871119

Fundraising & Alumni

The Fundraising Office is responsible for managing philanthropic relationships, to ensure the Ateneo’s economic sustainability. Its main objective is to position the Ateneo within circuits where the social impact of its mission is valued and supported. The office engages in strategic activities aimed at institutional stakeholders, particularly European and global philanthropy.

The Alumni Office is responsible for managing an International Network of former students, including those from both grade and specialist courses, at our Pontifical Ateneo. Its primary objective is to strengthen the relationships between the Institute and its alumni, by encouraging them to become advocates of the Ateneo’s values across the world. Alumni are encouraged to share their own experiences. To achieve this, the Office offers various numerous engagement activities, organizing tailored services and events, and promotes educational offerings dedicated to Ateneo Alumni.

The Office is led by Roberto Serafini.

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Mobile: +39 388 3956456


The Promotion Office is responsible for managing relationships that aim to boost the enrollment of students in Faculties and Institutes, while also positioning of the Ateneo, by enhancing and disseminating the quality of educational offerings and faculty. It works closely with Academic Authorities to develop relationships with key figures in both the ecclesiastical and secular worlds., The Office promotes lifelong learning pathways, both online and on-site, in various languages. It also conducts scouting activities and establishes agreements to expand channels for new student admissions. Lastly, the Promotion Office contributes to the promotion management within the Legionaries of Christ’s and Regnum Christi’s network.

The Office is led by Mauro Bombardieri.

Mobile: +39 3381522883

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