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Since 2001, the University has had a Publications Department, a division that works to promote and coordinate the Ateneo’s publishing activities.

In particular, the department prepares and organises the printing of books and is responsible for the dissemination and administration of the Ateneo’s various publications.

The ultimate aim of the research is to share the results obtained and the conclusions reached in the study phase. For this reason, the Publications Department plays a central role in the scientific community in order to publicise the theories that arise within the Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum.

Further notes

A section dedicated to articles and in-depth contributions by the lecturers, researchers and students at our Faculties and Institutes.

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Templates for Publications

We provide these templates (in Microsoft Word) for the preparation of written works required by our University, as well as for the drafting of articles for the journals Alpha Omega and Ecclesia.

For any uncertainties regarding the style of written works and typographic instructions in the templates, please refer to the Methodology of Scientific Work, by A. MAROCCO (ed.), APRA, Rome 2004.

For any doubts about the style of Alpha Omega and Ecclesia, please contact the editorial office of the respective journal

Catalog and Information

Through these pages, it is possible to consult the complete digital archive of all publications resulting from the research and in-depth studies conducted by students, professors, and researchers of the Pontifical Ateneo Regina Apostolorum

Apra Magazine

The magazine that examines and tells the world of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum through in-depth analyses and informative articles.

Useful contacts

General director: P. Rodrigo Ramírez, L.C.

Editor: Delfina Sangiorgi

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