Our Faculty of Bioethics, the only one in Italy, addresses both classical reflections such as the protection of the human being from the beginning to the end of life, and a view on the emerging technologies of hybridisation between man and machine, robotics and Artificial Intelligence, which require more in-depth study.

The course aims to prepare students at various levels: biological, legal, theological, philosophical, anthropological and social so that they can build a solid culture that places the emphasis on respecting and protecting people.


The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum’s Faculty of Bioethics is the first one to be founded in the world and guarantees state-of-the-art courses to complete Degree and Doctorate programmes, a postgraduate diploma and numerous seminars and courses both face to face and remotely. It also organises an international introductory course and a monographic refresher course during the summer period. The Faculty’s specific aims are: interdisciplinary research into bioethical issues, especially those relating to human life through teaching in complete conformity with the Magisterium of the Church.



Bioethics courses

The Faculty of Bioethics offers in-depth training with Degree, Master’s, Doctorate and specialised in-person or distance learning courses designed to enable all students to deepen and consolidate a current of thought in line with the ‘culture of life’.

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