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The University has always sought to respond to its mission by pursuing its institutional values, aimed at the pursuit of the integral good of the person in both its individual and social dimensions.

Pursuing good in an academic institution like ours means being aware that we are moving towards a goal; it means living in a continuous search for truth by harmonising faith and science, promoting true wisdom and valuing excellence.

“The goal is the perfection revealed by Christ, the perfect man, capable of integrating all existential dimensions and leading to true freedom. In this light, we read some of the core values of our educational and cultural proposal, such as integral education, the pursuit of wisdom and continuous improvement.”

P. J.E. Oyarzún (Magnificent Rector)

“As an academic community, we want to offer an all-round university experience, in which everyone, from the youngest student to the most meritorious lecturer, can say: studying at the Regina Apostolorum is a very valuable, very good and ultimatelyexcellent experience!”

P. D. Koonce (Academic Vice-Chancellor)

The excellence we want to achieve corresponds to our Mission’s own vision, which is to educate people who exercise leadership in society and the Church, and to create flows of thought that respond to the existential questions of our time and engage the entire academic community through rich and meaningful academic experiences.


Student aid

In our quest for excellence, we intend to support students through two types of study support:

Both are instruments at the service of the University’s Mission and, therefore, are always assigned in this perspective, which gives them their deepest meaning.

Study support may be requested by students who are already admitted to the academic degree awarding programmes of Faculties and/or Schools (Baccalaureate, Degree, Doctorate). Decisions on this matter are the responsibility of the Study Support Committee according to the references in the Study Support Standards.


There are multiple scholarships available to students and they provide different paths of access. The procedure for receiving this study support is standard.

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Reduction of Academic Fees

Requests for a reduction in academic fees will not be accepted for Master’s, Diploma and Postgraduate students and for auditor and/or guest students.

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Tutoring for students

Students who qualify for the scholarships and/or other types of aid will also be able to take advantage of the following tutoring services.

The University provides support in the individual teaching disciplines, helps to overcome critical content issues, deepens individual knowledge in preparation for examinations and enables maximum competence in the relevant content through:

  • Carrying out individual interviews and meetings, aimed at orientation and strengthening one’s aptitudes;
  • Shared drafting of a ‘biography’ to prepare oneself, step by step, for returning to one’s own community.

It offers guidance in the choice of academic, methodological and administrative opportunities at our University, in particular:

  • Dedicated secretarial service;
  • Organised transport service;
  • Online subscription to “L’Osservatore Romano” and “Avvenire”;
  • Guided tour of our Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud.


It represents the set of actions aimed at realising the active participation of the student, with the aim of increasing their autonomy, integrating them into the academic and non-academic spheres, and improving the learning environment by participating in additional activities outside the academic context, such as:

  • Audience with the Holy Father;
  • Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums;
  • Visit to the Basilicas of St. Mary Major, St. John Lateran, St. Paul Outside the Walls and St. Peter in Chains;
  • Visit to the works of Caravaggio at St. Louis of the French, St. Mary of the People and St. Augustine.

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