General Secretariat

It is the management body for all administrative activities concerning students’ university careers. It maintains the computer system, supervises the admission procedures, takes care of registration and enrolment applications.

The General Secretariat also registers the examinations taken and records the credits obtained, updates the university position of students, issues certificates, attestations, qualifications and takes care of document archiving.

The staff

The General Secretariat’s office is staffed by University personnel to meet all the needs of students and lecturers.

  • Secretary general: Fr. Aarón Robles, L.C.
  • Office Manager: Rodrigo Téllez López de Lara –
  • Rag. Daniele Ridolfi –
  • Dr Alejandra Navas –
  • Dr Manuela Bianchi –
  • Dr Marina Lorenzon –

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