SACERDOS INSTITUTE & GRIS LAUNCH THE “15th Edition Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” 25-30 October 2021

SACERDOS INSTITUTE & GRIS LAUNCH THE “15th Edition Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” 25-30 October 2021

– Instructions of Accreditation –


Rome, 18th October 2021 – On October 25th will start the 15th Edition of the Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation organized by the Sacerdos Institute, which forms part of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (APRA), and GRIS (Group for Socio-religious Research and Information).

This Course on exorcism, the only of its kind in the world, proposes a careful and multidisciplinary academic study of the ministry of exorcism and the prayer of liberation. The course will provide a concrete, in-depth and professional analysis in response to this current and often still little-known issue.

Several interesting new activities have been introduced in the 2021 Edition:

  • A presentation of the important research on exorcism carried out by Sacerdos in collaboration with GRIS and the University of Bologna;
  • Roundtable discussions among exorcists of different Christian denominations;
  • The presence, for the first time, of a French priest who is an expert in healing prayer.

Participation in the course includes students from other Christian denominations.

The course will be in Italian with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

This year, only accredited Press will be able to receive the Research Abstract and participate in various parts of the Course.

Monday 25th October

– 9-11 am: Attendance in the Plenary session;

– 11:30 am: Roundtable reserved for the Media in the presence of a Member of the Scientific Committee and the Institute Coordinator.


Extended Dates for Accreditation

  • No later than 20th October: Request for accreditation sent to [email protected]  by entering the name, surname, e-mail, telephone number and newspaper of the journalist requesting accreditation, possibly the names of the accompanying team;
  • By October 22nd: we will reply with the information on the result of accreditation by the University Press Office;
  • Access to the University and reception of material at the Press Desk (open from 8 to 11:30 on 26th October) exclusively for those who are accredited;
  • Participation in activities reserved for Media, only for those who are accredited.


Interviews will be granted only for accredited media. We will propose a related program (according to themes, language and day) in the area dedicated to the Press.

Access to the University will be allowed only:

  • to those who are in possession of a valid Green Pass (Green Certification). The Green Pass is obtained through vaccination (already after the 1st dose), with recovering from the Covid-19 infection, or with a molecular / antigenic test with a negative result (valid for 48 hours from the time of taking the test)
  • to the accredited press.


It is not allowed to take photos and videos on the University locations (internal and external).

Any transgression will result in the deletion of said photo and / or video and the immediate removal of the offending party from the University.


Head of Institutional Communication

Maria Selva Silvestri

[email protected]

+ 39 328 987 1119

+39 324 631 6152

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