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Faculty of Bioethics


This call offers various scholarships that serve as instruments at the service of the Mission of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum (APRA). They are always assigned for this purpose, which gives them the deeper meaning of representing real support to those who are particularly motivated and prepared and need help to carry out their studies in a setting as significant as Rome, the center of Christianity.

Applications must be submitted respecting the indications and dates of this call.

Scholarships for studies of excellence for the Degree in Bioethics (II Cycle):

  1. Complete Scholarship No. 1 for a total of € 7,680, which includes:
  • APRA Academic Fees + Enrollment;
  • The full cycle of two years;
  • Full scholarship for accommodation expenses for priests at the Pontifical International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae.

Requirements: Degree (I Cycle) in Theology, Philosophy, or Religious Sciences obtained with a final grade of at least 9.2/10 or Civil Diploma obtained with a final grade (min 105/110) required by the Faculty.

  1. Scholarships for two students
  • Full Scholarship No. 1 for a total of €7,680, which includes:
  • APRA Academic Fees + Enrollment;
  • Complete cycle of two years;
  • Scholarship N.1 only for the second year of studies for a total of €3,840, which includes:
  • APRA Academic Fees + Enrollment in the 1st Year paid by the student;
  • Scholarship N.1 for academic expenses + Enrollment for the second year of studies

Requirements: Academic average of the first year equal to 8.5/10.


Applications must be submitted on the following dates:

  • from 04/01 to 06/30;
  • from 09/01 to 09/15;
  • from 11/01 to 01/15;


The student can apply for a scholarship by going to the treasury window or by sending an email to [email protected] on the established dates, attaching the following documentation:

  • Study support request form
  • Letter of introduction from the Bishop of the Diocese or the Superior of the Institute or Community to which you belong (for Religious);
  • ISEE form for students residing in Italy.
  • In the case of:
  1. foreign student not resident in Italy;
  2. foreign student residing in Italy but not self-employed and with relatives living abroad;
  3. Italian student residing abroad;

Documentation proving income and family members must be submitted.

Only applications with complete documentation will be accepted.

* For information related to admission to PCIMME, send an email to [email protected] or visit the page.


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