Nuove ordinazioni di Alumni APRA

Nuove ordinazioni di Alumni APRA

Recently, one of our brothers has received priestly ordination, and another 15 have received the gift of diaconal ordination.

The Ratio Institutionis of the Legion of Christ reminds us in number 838 that “the dimension of service is essential in the ordained ministry” and that “by the laying on of hands by the bishop, the deacon is consecrated to ‘serve the people of God in the diaconate of liturgy, word, and charity.’ [The deacon] carries out this mission of service especially when in his personal, community, and apostolic life, he prays the Liturgy of the Hours on behalf of the Church, collaborates with the priests in the service of the altar and preaching, and exercises charity in its various manifestations.”

We present a summary of the ceremonies held in various territories. On July 1, Bishop Gines García of Getafe ordained Father Santiago Vázquez as a deacon in the Minor Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Cerro de los Ángeles in Madrid. In addition to his parents, his brother José David, who is a diocesan priest from Valladolid, was present. Other family members, friends, a group of Legionaries, and some members of Regnum Christi also attended the ceremony. The consecrated women took care of the songs.


Also on July 1, but in the city of Guadalajara, Archbishop Jorge Patrón Wong of Xalapa ordained religious Gustavo Godinez and Juan Pablo Castañeda as deacons at the Expiatory Temple. In addition to the families of the new Legionary deacons, consecrated women and Regnum Christi members from different communities in Mexico were present. Since Father Juan Pablo Castañeda has two Legionary brothers who are also priests, they concelebrated the Mass.


On July 22, in Cancún, Father Jesús Silva was ordained a deacon by the hands of Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, L.C., Bishop of Cancún-Chetumal, in the university chapel of the Anahuac University. In addition to Father Jesús’s family, several diocesan priests and Legionaries, there was significant participation from Legionary priests at the residence for older or sick priests in Cancún.


On the same day, July 22, in Rionegro, Colombia, Father Carlos Quiñones was ordained a deacon by Bishop Fidel León Cadavid, Bishop of Sonsón-Rionegro, in the chapel of the Colombia Vocational Center. In addition to Father Carlos’s family and some friends, Legionaries from the Vocational Center, novices, and some consecrated women were present at the Holy Mass.


On July 29, in Regina, Canada, Father Kevin O’Byrne was ordained a deacon by Bishop Stephen Hero of Prince Albert at the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows. In addition to Father Kevin’s family, Legionary priests Steven Reilly, Fergal Ó Dúill, and Kenneth Leblanc accompanied him. Members of Regnum Christi from the local community in Canada organized the ceremony. Father Kevin begins his ministry as chaplain of ECYD and at Highlands School in Dallas.


On August 5, in the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Archbishop Jaime Spengler of Porto Alegre ordained Father Gustavo Ballestrin as a deacon. In addition to Father Gustavo’s family, friends (many of whom were his former apostolic companions), the territorial director, some Legionaries, the territorial director of the consecrated women, Kate O’Connor, and members of Regnum Christi from Rio Grande do Sul were present.


On August 12, in Atlanta, United States, Father Christopher Daniels was ordained a deacon by Bishop John Tran, auxiliary bishop of Atlanta, at St. Brendan the Navigator Parish (a parish served by the Legionaries in Cumming, Georgia). In the ordination ceremony, in addition to Father Christopher’s family, 28 Legionaries were present. Some consecrated women, in addition to managing the chants, accompanied the ceremony, which was attended by many members of the Regnum Christi sections.


Father Cristian Ortega, Sebastián Sánchez, and Christian Martínez were ordained deacons on August 19 in the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bogotá, Colombia. The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Luis Manuel Alí Herrera, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Bogotá. In addition to the families of the new deacons, Legionaries from the Bogotá community, diocesan priests, former companions from the Legion, consecrated women from the Bogotá community, and a consecrated layperson were present.


On the same day, August 19, in Mexico City, Father Marco Antonio de la Cruz was ordained a priest in the Basilica of Guadalupe by Bishop Raúl Gómez González, Archbishop of Toluca. In the same ceremony, two other Legionaries of Christ, Fathers Eduardo Perdomo Leal and Diego Adrián Páez, were ordained as deacons. In addition to the families of the ordinands, members of various communities in Mexico City and Regnum Christi also participated.


On August 21, in the Parish of the Most Holy Savior in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, Father Jesús Mora received diaconal ordination at the hands of Bishop Mario Moronta Rodríguez, Bishop of San Cristóbal. Present at the ceremony were family members and friends of Father Jesús, as well as some Legionaries who work apostolically in Venezuela.


On August 26, in Bundang, South Korea, Father Abraham Eo was ordained a deacon by Bishop John Moon Hee Jong, auxiliary bishop of Suwon. The parish where Father Abraham was ordained is his home parish: he was baptized there and received his first communion there. It is numerically and territorially the largest parish in Korea. In addition to Father Abraham’s family, Legionaries from the Seoul and Manila communities and one who accompanied him from Rome were present.


We congratulate all those who have received the diaconate or priesthood in recent months and commend their lives and ministries to Our Lord God so that they may be worthy instruments of Christ to bring His message of hope and salvation to souls.

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